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Viva La French Food

Kobe beef tartare with Dijon mustard and capers. Grilled lamb chops with ratatouille. Grilled New York steak with sauce Bearnaise, and crispy frites.

Oooh la la!

Indulge in that and a whole lot more at the new Chez Papa Resto, 414 Jessie St. in San Francisco’s Mint Plaza. It’s the newest venture from the Maktub Group, which also owns Chez Maman, Couleur CafĂ© and Chez Papa Bistrot.

The executive chef is David Bazirgan, formerly of the now-shuttered Elizabeth Daniel in San Francisco, as well as Baraka in San Francisco.

The Provencal bistro seats 60, and features a chef’s table made of stunning antique glass.

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