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Unusual Apricots — But Hurry

Wait, don’t touch that dial or keypad. There is nothing wrong with your eyes or this photo. Indeed, these apricots, with their yellow-green tinged skin, appear unripe. But don’t be fooled.

These are rare Angelcots, a hybrid of a Moroccan and an Iranian apricot. They’re being grown in this country on only two acres of farmland in Brentwood.

The velvety exterior is yellow when ripe, with sometimes a bit of a blush at the stem end. The flesh itself is creamy white. And the taste? Delicately honey sweet, and juicy beyond belief.

If you want to try them, you better hurry. I got my 1-pound container for $3.29 at my neighborhood Trader Joe’s in San Jose. The sign said they’re available only through about the end of June. Oops, gotta go. Need to run to Trader Joe’s to stock up on more.

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