The Guys From Incanto Present Boccalone Salumeria

Boccalone orange and wild fennel salame (foreground); and brown sugar and fennel salame (background).

Mmmm, pork, pork, and more pork.

You’ll find all that and more at the new Boccalone Salumeria in the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace.

It’s the artisan charcuterie mecca founded by the two guys from Incanto restaurant in San Francisco, Proprieter Mark Pastore, and Executive Chef Chris Cosentino.

With more than 20 varieties of handmade cured meats, you’ll be hard pressed to pick just one. Choose from  pancetta, lonza (cured pork loin), hard-to-find lardo (cured pork fat), and out-of-this-world orange & wild fennel salame, among others. Salumi is sliced to order. And hungry customers can order up paninis and salumi platters.

If the Ferry Building is out of your way, you also can order products online to satisfy your cravings.

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  • Carolyn, So glad I found you! You made the Merc worth reading. Remember the article you wrote some years ago about cooking with your mom after her stroke? I loved that article — it really resonated with me and my experience with my own mom. So glad to see you have landed so gracefully here .. I’m bookmarking this site so I can stay in touch with my favorite “food gal.”

  • I share your love of Boccalone’s “Tasty Salted Pig Parts”… I’ve been a member of their salumi society since its inception. The mortadella and the pate di campagnia rock too.

  • Oh my! I will definitely have to try those other tasty pig parts, too. I also bought a small slab of lardo. It’s a heart-attack on a plate. But it’s so worth it.

  • Looks delicious. It must be awesome stuff if it’s created by Chris Cosentino. I think we own the same bamboo chopping board 🙂

  • It’s totally awesome! We polished off one salame, and thankfully, still have one more to go. 😉

    Funny about the bamboo chopping board. It was a house-warming gift from my dear friend Kiki and her hubby Derrick. I find that it’s quite photogenic.

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