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Beer Trumps Wine, or Does It?

Apparently, suds rule over vino among today’s imbibers, ages 30 to 49. That, according to a recent Gallup Poll that showed beer’s lead over wine and spirits has returned to double-digits for the first time since 2002, particularly among drinkers in that age group.

The annual Consumption Habits poll shows that in combined data from Gallup ‘s 2004 and 2005 surveys, drinkers between the ages of 30 and 49 were about as likely to prefer wine as beer.  Now, drinkers in this age bracket have shifted back to beer, with an average of 47 percent in the combined 2007-2008 data saying they most often drink beer.  Drinking preferences among adults ages 21-29 have remained stable in recent years, with the majority showing a wide preference for beer.

At the same time, another study published in August in the American Journal of Medicine examined 50 years of data and found that Americans are drinking significantly less beer and more wine, while hard liquor has remained fairly constant. Moreover, the number of people describing themselves as non-drinkers has increased.

Researchers also found that people born later in the 20th century drink more moderately than people born in the early part of the century. Additionally, alcohol consumption goes down as people age.

So are we consuming more beer or more wine? Maybe we all need a drink to figure it out.

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