Perfect Wine for Labor Day

Black Eagle Wines

Uncork a bottle of Black Eagle Wines to toast Labor Day in a most apropos way.

Black Eagle Wines is a collection of varietals launched by the field laborers and leaders of the United Farm Workers. It signifies the progress made by the UFW — from its founding by Cesar Chavez to its days of grape boycotts 40 years ago to the pride these days in the harvest and production that respects farm workers’ labor. The grapes for these wines were harvested by workers whose union membership has helped bring better wages and living conditions.

Proceeds from the sale of the wines will help the UFW continue to organize and represent farm workers. At the Black Eagle Wines link above, you’ll find these items for sale: 2007 Estate Sauvignon Blanc; 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon; 2000 Merlot; and, commemorative wine glasses.

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