Mozzarella Mania

Hand-pulled mozzarella. Made fresh three times a day.

Got your attention? Get a taste of that at Poggio┬áin Sausalito, Sept. 9-13. Executive Chef Peter McNee serves freshly made burrata year-round, but he only makes hand-pulled mozzarella during the peak of summer. With heirloom tomatoes at their best, he believes it’s the greatest time to pair them with his dreamy-creamy mozzarella.

He explains: “Fresh mozzarella has a sweeter flavor and a more delicate texture than what you can find in any store,” and by making the mozzarella three times a day, “we are able to keep the cheese at room temperature so that it is always soft, supple, and sweet.”

Enjoy the special mozzarella in the evenings in a selection of traditional antipasti ($9-$12), such as rotolo (rolled sheets of mozzarella stuffed with various fillings), and Mozzarella in Carrozza (the cheese is encased in a bread “carriage” and fried until crisp on the outside, and oozing inside).

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