Totes for Tots

Perfect for toting lunch to school.

This lunch bag is not only cute, but made of certified organic cotton that’s easily washable. It also was designed by a self-professed “industrial designer and Silicon Valley dropout.”

Susanne Maddux of San Francisco was the first woman on Apple computer’s elite international design team. She later started her own design consultancy business, where she helped design products for such companies as Sony, Nike, and Kuhn Rikon.

About two years ago, after losing her father and step-father to cancer, and giving birth to her second child prematurely, Maddux’s focus shifted, after she painfully realized how fragile life could be. She rededicated herself to designing things that would be socially and ecologically responsible. The result was her company, Hero Bags, which manufactures totes in the United States using sustainable materials.

The “All Star Organic Kids Lunch Bag” (above) is the newest product.  The $24.95 bag has a zippered top and a flat bottom. There’s even a space to write your child’s name on the outside with a black Sharpie pen. The bag is not insulated, but if you pack a frozen juice box, food will stay chilly until it’s lunch time and your child can enjoy a cool drink, as well.

The company also makes grocery-size totes, and an across-the-shoulder messenger bag. Additionally, Maddux makes a line of stylish baby totes for moms, which are $99 on up.

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  • Super-cute bag, and bravo to Maddux for concentrating on using her professional skills in a way that leaves her fulfilled. I bet her kids are proud to carry lunch bags designed by their mom, too.

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