Penzeys Spices to Open Its First Northern California Store

Lucky Menlo Park will be the home of it, too.

Penzeys, whom foodies love for its vast array of spices, started as a store in Milwaukee, Wisc. in 1957. Over the years, it has become a mail-order phenomenon, selling everything from adobo seasoning to zatar. It now boasts 39 retail stores across the country, too.

Fliers are already being mailed to Peninsula residents about the new 771 Santa Cruz Ave. store that will open “soon.”

In this lay-them-off, shove-them-out-the-door economy, Penzeys is actually hiring. Full- and part-time positions are available for “people who love to cook, and cook to love.”

Visit the Penzeys link above to get an employment application, if you’re a spicy kind of guy or gal.

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  • Oh, really! That’s cool. We shoppeed at a Penzey’s store in Houston when we were visiting there last year and were just amazed by how many spice mixtures they had for sale. We actually like their Adobo Seasoning.

    However, our spice cabinet(s) are full of spices already. Besides the Penzey’s stuff, we now buy spices in bulk from San Francisco Herb Company on 14th St in the Mission District. Their wholesale prices are so much better than any retail outlet.

    Besides, there is the Spice Hound, a spice vendor who sells at various farmer’s markets in the Bay Area, including Santana Row. She has an amazing array of gourmet salts that you have to try out. Check out her booth on Sunday if you can!

  • Oh, I know the Spice Hound booth well. I featured her in my write-up of farmers markets finds for Metro Silicon Valley.

    I know what ya mean: My spice cabinet is bursting at the seams already, too. But I’m sure I’ll have to wander into the new Penzeys once it opens, just to “window shop.”

  • Oh, I looooove Penzey’s. See my article on spices, including Penzey’s and recommendations as to what you MUST get from them (hint: China Cassia cinnamon. You have not HAD cinnamon until you try this!!!)

    Downside: I guess now we will have to pay sales tax on our orders!

    I agree with Nate, their Adobo is excellent.

  • Oooh, China Cassia cinnamon, huh? What’s your fave way to use it?

  • Please let me know when the Menlo Park Store will open its doors. I don’t like a tax question either, but now we pay no shipping charge. It evens out.

  • I will do my best to let you know when the store opens, Pat. And to all my FoodGal readers, if anyone else gets wind of an opening date, please post a note here. Inquiring minds who love spices want to know.

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