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Unfortunately, you may see some “Yes on Prop. 8” ads popping up on the FoodGal site. They are Google ads that were not solicited by FoodGal.

We are a food and wine site, and believe political ads have no place here unless they are in some way related to food or agriculture issues. We are working diligently to remove the ads. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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  • hey food gal,
    we understand. And we miss you at the Saturday morning workout. The new guy is an *actual* ex-marine so the workout is an *actual* boot camp. Ow. I read your stuff every day and I understand the g-ads thing are needed to make a little money. Keep up the good work, the good fight, and the good workouts.

    All the best,
    Bob and Mary
    (we know you’re voting against prop 8, but thanks for saying it)

  • Hi Bob and Mary! So glad you found my blog. I am still at the gym on Saturday mornings, just not THAT early for boot camp. I do the spinning class instead. So is the boot camp instructor as tough as the former Navy Seals trainer we used to have? Gawd, I think I still have bruises from some of the drills he put us through.

  • I’m sorry to say, the new guy may be even nastier… Monday or Tuesday after a Saturday workout we are heard saying “Sean is bad”, or “Sean is evil”, “we hate Sean”. But we keep going back – the very definition of insanity, I’m told
    But back to food: I just started a batch of pizza dough based on the A16 cookbook review you did on Project Foodie
    and on the first step it says “let proof for 10 minutes. If the yeast has not dissolved into a soft, frothy paste in that time, hunt down a fresher batch and repeat the process”, but we’re talking about 1/4tsp of yeast in a 1 1/2 cup of water – *no* yeast is going to make a frothy paste diluted in that much water. I’ve used tbs of water with honey and ended up with a little froth, but not *zero* sugar and all the water. Should I really hunt down a fresher batch of yeast (and, by implication, toss the nearly new can of frozen Engedura?) to start over? just wondering. I’ll be baking off a couple of pies with the non-frothy yeast tomorrow and report back.


  • pie report: success! The crust *does* taste better than the 1 hour recipe I’ve used in the past. I think we have a winner.

    Details: The A16 recipe implies that this will make a very wet dough – I expected something like the Mark Bitman bread dough, but the A16 dough came together onto the dough hook in less than a minute. After all the refrigerator time, it was a very easy dough to work.

    The most valuable advice for me was letting it rest if it started fighting back as I throw the pies. Five or ten minutes later I was able to make as large a pie as I wanted. In fact, I think I over stretched one of the pies. If you let the dough get too thin, it will burn through on the stone. I settled on four 8″ pies as a good yield for this recipe.

    Thanks, FoodGal!

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