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Finally — Pinkberry Comes to Town

The wait is over for Northern California’s first Pinkberry.

The Korean-style tart fro-yo that started the whole craze will open Saturday, Jan. 17 at Santana Row in San Jose. You’ll find it in a pavillion in Santana Row that was once the concierge center.

Pinkberry serves two main flavors: Original (tart) and Green Tea. A new seasonal flavor makes its debut, too: Pomegranate.

The Los Angeles Times humorously calls Pinkberry “the yogurt that launched 1,000 parking tickets.” Its original West Hollywood store was inundated with yogurt fanatics who risked double-parking to stand in line for a cup of the creamy, thick yogurt.

Now, Bay Area folks can get their chance to see what all the fuss is about. Look for more Pinkberry locations to come in the Bay Area, too, according to Ron Graves, Pinkberry CEO. No details yet on the exact future locations.

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