Fro-Yo Craze Continues

Trying to eat more healthful in the new year?

Then, you’ll be glad that the frozen yogurt craze that came, went, and returned, continues to be more than alive and well in 2009.

Yogen Früz, established in 1986 in Toronto, now has more than 1,100 locations in more than 20 countries, and that includes the United States.  The fro-yo company is making a push into Northern California, having opened a cafe in San Francisco in 2008 at 3 Embarcadero Center. Now, it’s about to open one early this year in San Jose at the Westfield Oakridge Shopping Centre.

What distinguishes Yogen Früz from other fro-yo joints is its “Blend It” option. It’s akin to mix-in ice creams, with your choice of low-fat, non-fat, or no-sugar added frozen yogurt custom blended with your choice of flash-frozen fruit. If soft-serve is more to your liking, you can get that, too, with your choice of toppings.

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  • Hi Carolyn!

    I’m big fan of yogurt and it’s an extra point for the health all the year. Although this company isn’t at my country I can recognize they’re wonderful doing yogurt-desserts because for me is a creamy yummy ice cream!! 🙂

    Have Great and Brilliant 2009!!

    Gera .:. sweetsfoods

  • Sort of looks like a cupcake.

  • I tried Yogen Fruz in SF and didn’t like it. It wasn’t blended very well and the taste isn’t very good. Of all the frozen yogurt places I’ve tried, it’s the worst.

  • Thanks for the review, Ann. Good to know it might not be worth a special trip. I have to say I still like Red Mango the best of all the tart fro-yo places I’ve tried. Which place is your fave?

  • I agree with Ann. I think because of its European influences, Yogen Fruz has more the milky taste instead of the slight twang from Korean-influenced chains. BTW Food Gal, did you get an invitation to Pinkberry’s long-awaited arrival to Northern Cal? The store at Santana Row is finally opening on Jan. 22. I wish I can go but it’s too far for me. So I hope you check it out and let us know!

  • There’s a wonderful, all-organic place in Palo Alto called Fraiche Yogurt on Emerson Street. Unlike many of these places, which use powdered starters, their yogurt is made and pasteurized completely on-site. Their bar of add-ins (olallieberries in summer, local honey, etc.) is also superb. I haven’t been in several months so I hope it’s still there…

  • Fraiche is my favorite, although I do like Red Mango as well. I tried Cafe Delatti in Los Gatos yesterday and I thought it was quite good. It seemed a little more tart than the others, but then again, it’s hard to compare when my tastings are days/weeks apart. I’m looking forward to trying out the famous Pinkberry too…

  • Single Guy Chef: Yes, I did get an invitation to the grand opening of Pinkberry on Jan. 22. I hope to make it there either that day or soon after. Pinkberry was actually my first experience with the new Korean-style tangy fro-yo. I had it in Los Angeles for the first time a couple years ago, and really liked it.

    And I have been to Fraiche Yogurt. I thought their fro-yo had a nice tartness, but the texture was a little grainy. What I really want to try is their housemade Greek yogurt (not frozen), because I’ve heard that really rocks.

    Neeracha: I have been to Cafe Delatti, too. What I liked there was that their tart fro-yo comes in various flavors. Usually, with tart fro-yo, you can only find the one natural flavor. I had the tart mango at Cafe Delatti and thought it was quite nice — creamy, fruity, yet still tangy.

  • I like Fraiche in PA, Culture in Palo Alto, Gelay Gelato in Mtn View, & Fro-ggie in Fremont.

    I can’t wait to check out Pinkberry. Can I go to Pinkberry on 1/22/09 if I didn’t get an official invitation but heard it thru Foodgal?

  • And yes, Pinkberry at San Jose’s Santana Row will indeed be open to the public starting Jan. 22. That’s straight from the publicists. So now, you can finally taste the fro-yo that caused a sensation when it first opened a few years ago in Los Angeles.

  • Fro yo isn’t doing too well in Chicago. At least, as far as I can tell. There’s one right around the corner from my place near a busy shopping area and it doesn’t seem to be doing too well.

  • I love when you tell me about new places in my area. Another place to add to my list!

  • It’s as the swirl turns. Correction: Now the publicists are telling me that Pinkberry in Santana Row will open to the public on Saturday, Jan. 17.

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