Inaugural Eats

The next president.

So you aren’t going to make it to Washington, DC for those glittery presidential inaugural festivities on Jan. 20. That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate in your own delicious way.

Fork and Spoon Productions of San Francisco is offering the chance to “Celebrate Obama in Pajamas.” Uhh, that would be you in the pj’s, not the president-to-be.

Roll out of bed, and nosh on an eight-course breakfast while you watch the ceremonies on TV. Fork and Spoon will drop off this feast for you plus 11 of your most political friends the night before. Just heat and enjoy the next morning.

Feast on egg casserole with bacon and goat cheese, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit salad, malasadas (Hawaiian donuts), spinach salad, Hawaiian tropical punch, Bloody Mary mix, and a pound of Kona coffee.

Total price is $804.61 (Barack Obama’s birthday). Orders need to be placed by Jan. 16. To order, call (415) 552-7130.

Nick’s Cove in Marshall is getting in on the act, too, with its Presidential Inauguration Community Dinner, Jan. 20, which actually will be served all day long.

The $20.09 (get it?) three-course meal includes “A Fresh Start” salad of escarole, avocado and hazelnuts; braised lamb shoulder with polenta; and apple pie a la mode. If you’re in the convivial mood, enjoy the same meal at 7 p.m. during a communal feast with other diners on the back porch.

For reservations, call (415) 663-1033.

And last but not least, Left Bank Brasserie at San Jose’s Santana Row has inaugural festivities going on from Jan. 16-20. In a salute to the senator from Illinois who is moving into the White House, Chef David Bastide will be showcasing Chicago favorites on the menu, including deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs, ribs, and Italian beef sandwiches.

Head bartender Ty Chandler has created libations to go along with the theme. Five new cocktails pay homage to the White House contenders. There’s the “Sweet Outside, Bitter Inside, Reflections of Hillary” (Campari, Grand Marnier, orange juice, and a sugar rim); and “Delaware Crab, Mouth-on-Fire Homage to Joe Biden” (Clam juice-infused spicy bloody Caesar, sea salt rim, and a crab claw garnish).

Sip and nosh while enjoying the inauguration broadcast on the restaurant’s big-screen, too.

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  • Make sure you save room for a big plate of crow at the end of his term. 🙂

  • Oooh, Usually Named has harsh words!

    Obama’s birthday or not, $804.61 is insane in this economy, even for 12 people (that’s a $67 breakfast per person!).

  • $804.61? I hope the eggs are at least organic and free range. 😉

  • I wonder if those malasadas will be fresh made or flown in from Hawaii.

  • At those prices, maybe the eggs should be gold-plated!

  • One of the duo will be attending many of the inauguration festivities this year, while the other will be left in LA, wishing she could be within a 10 mile radius of Mr. Obama!!!! Oh well, maybe the LA counterpart will whip up some sort of take out dinner for folks…at a MUCH lower price!

  • Oooh, lucky! I hope the half of the duo that gets to attend the festivities brings you back some very cool souvenirs!

  • I think it’s more in keeping with Obama’s philosophy to cook your own inauguration celebration foods, and to keep them “moderate” in cost. For $804.61 I could probably feed every Democrat in town…..

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