Can't eat just one.

That’s what I am.

It’s because I can’t stop eating these new Emerald Cocoa Almonds that landed in my mailbox recently as a sample. You know it’s a good day when the mailman brings you goodies like this.

The cocoa is baked into the almonds so there’s no messing up your fingers. That’s a good thing since I’ve been eating them by the handful. The wonderful roasty flavor of the nuts is married with a whisper of chocolate.  It’s not so much chocolate that it tastes like candy, but just enough to give it a haunting je ne sais quoi.

I’m already wondering what these might be like baked in chocolate cookies.

One and a half ounces of the cocoa almonds is 150 calories. Almonds also are loaded with fiber, magnesium, protein, and Vitamin E.

So do indulge. An 11-ounce canister is about $6.99 at supermarkets nationwide.

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  • I’m with you about these. I bought some this summer and couldn’t stop eating them. So good!

  • thanks for the recommendation! my husband loves almonds – I think we will love these 🙂

  • I LOVE those! I was at my parents’ house one day and broke into their stash and ate all of them! Ever since then my dad buys me a container and gives it to me whenever I see him. I wish they weren’t so expensive though! I want to try and replicate that flavor on the cheap!

  • T’heck with baking them into already-chocolate cookies. How about roughly chopping some as a substitute for the slivered almonds enrobing your next batch of those incredible holiday macaroon cookies? Oh my!

  • I wish I never heard of those! They look fantastic. I would probably have to count them out and bring them to work so I wouldn’t finish the whole thing!

  • Carroll, what a great idea! I bet the cocoa almonds would be a fun new twist to my trademark almond macaroons.

    Bri, you have such a nice father! He is so sweet to buy you containers of the almonds. But then again, father knows best, right? 😉

  • Sounds good, will definitely check them out next time I go shopping. Especially enticing is how these won’t mess up your hands – when you eat the chocolate almonds from Trader Joe’s with the cocoa powder EVERYONE knows you’ve been eating them because there’s black cocoa powder on your hands, your mouth, your nose, the front of your shirt…

  • I would like to dust it with some chili powder for added heat. Yum!

  • such a gorgeous photo!

  • OMG–I’m obsessed with these too! Love the baking idea…I’ve got to get two canisters next time. One for baking with and one for snacking on while I bake. 🙂 Happy New Year!

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