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Awesome Abalone

Face it, not many of us can sport six-pack abs.

But the Highlands Inn in Carmel can give you “Super Abs” — for a price.

That’s short for abalone that’s farm-raised in a sustainable manner by the Monterey Abalone Company. And these particular ones are ”super” because the red abalone (the most common type raised off California waters) are being cultivated wtih a new method that results in faster growth, a brighter color, and apparently more flavor. (Yours truly has only tasted the “regular” Monterey Abalone Company abalones. And those are mighty fantastic already.)

The abalone company is working in conjunction with Moss Landing Marine Laboratories to do this. Highlands Inn has exclusive rights to all of the “Super Abs” now available to be harvested.

Executive Chef Mark Ayers of the Highlands Inn will be showcasing the abalone in dishes in the hotel’s Pacific Edge and Sunset Lounge through at least the spring. They include: seared abalone with cauliflower puree and lobster butter; abalone ceviche with endive and citrus “caviar”; and “steak and eggs” (abalone with lacquered bacon, onions, and a sunny-side-up quail egg.

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