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Dressed Up Veggies

Blanched and sauteed vegetables tossed with melted butter.

Been there. Done that.

Wake things up by mixing an equal amount of blonde miso into the butter first.

Voila! What you get is a really velvety sauce that clings beautifully to the veggies. The flavor doesn’t scream miso soup. Rather it just lends a subtle umami or savoriness to it all.

The recipe for “Saute of Market Vegetables with Miso Butter” is a cinch to make. Even better, you can vary the vegetables you use, according to what’s in season.

The dish is from the new “The Paley’s Place Cookbook” (Ten Speed Press) by Vitaly Paley and Kimberly Paley, the husband-and-wife team behind one of Portland, Ore.’s most charming restaurants.

Find my review of the book, plus the recipe, at ProjectFoodie.com.

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