What’s Your Favorite Cookbook of 2008?


The International Association of Culinary Professionals will unveil its picks on April 4, handing out top honors in various categories for the best cookbooks of the past year.

You can weigh in with your opinions, too, at ProjectFoodie.com, where yours truly is an advisor.

Through April 2, that online recipe site will let you cast your own vote for top cookbook of the year.

From now through April 4, you’ll also find a bevy of features there that tie in with the IACP competition, including links to reviews of the finalist books, and links to recipes from the books.

Additionally, look for posts to come from a number of nominated cookbook authors, who will be doing guest blogging stints on that site.

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Date: Friday, 20. March 2009 5:40
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  1. 1

    So many good ones last year to choose from! I just got On the Line and Baked – looking forward to delving into them.

  2. 2

    “On the Line” is a fascinating behind-the-scenes book. You can read my Q&A with Eric Ripert here, too: http://www.foodgal.com/2009/02/take-five-with-four-star-chef-eric-ripert-on-his-fascinating-new-behind-the-scenes-book/

    And I love the “Baked” cookbook. Do try the root beer cake, http://www.foodgal.com/2008/11/root-beer-its-not-just-for-drinking/

  3. 3

    I just bought Baked and haven’t read it yet. A16 is definitely a favorite from last year.

  4. 4

    We’ve become lazy. There’s nary a cookbook in these parts…well there are a couple at our respective apartments, but nothing to write home about. We’re so internetty with our recipe research! We do love a cookbook with beautiful photos though. That’s the clincher.

  5. 5

    I really enjoyed Shark’s Fin and Sichuan Pepper… by Fuchia Dunlap – but its also more than a cookbook. Gosh, its hard to pick one, as I reach for each of them when I’m in a different mood or for a different reason. I’ll have to continue to ponder.

  6. 6

    With my ever growing list of bookmarked recipes I hardly have time to read cookbooks any more…

  7. 7

    Oh, I love the A16 book, too. You already know I’m hooked on the pizza dough recipe. Monday, you can read about my new passion for A16’s meatball recipe, too.

    I know what you guys mean about no time and no space. I feel that way about my ever-growing mountains of cookbooks, too. Still, I’m glad they’re there. They are always a source of new inspiration.

  8. 8

    I really liked Ellie Krieger’s “Food You Crave.” Her food is always so simple, nutritious, and vibrant.

  9. 9

    I really need to get my hands on that A16 book. I will surf on over to the site to make my vote.

  10. 10

    Don’t know when it was released, but I’m really enjoying hugh fearnley whittingstall’s river cottage meat book. great photography, writing, and recipes.

  11. 11

    One? I have to pick just one? Are they insane? Can’t be done. Impossible. There were only what, 10,000 cookbooks released last year? One? Shudder. Insanity…

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