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Bruce Weinstein (Photo courtestyof Lucy Schaeffer)Mark Scarbrough (Photo courtesy of Lucy Schaeffer)

See those two grinning guys above? Don’t they look like they have just way too much fun?

Well, you can have the time of your life in the kitchen, too, when you join that good-natured duo for two Bay Area cooking classes at Draeger’s.

You might know Mark Scarbrough (left) and Bruce Weinstein (right) for the bevy of cookbooks they’ve written, including, “The Ultimate Ice Cream Book” (William Morrow), “The Ultimate Cook Book” (William Morrow), and their newest one, “Cooking Know-How” (Wiley). You might also know them from their witty and wonderful blog, Real Food Has Curves. And you might recognize Mark from the many hilarious and insightful comments he’s left on my blog.

Come meet them at the San Mateo store, 6:30 p.m. May 19 when they’ll show you how to prepare four dishes, including “No-Fail Sausage, Clam and Fennel Paella,”  and “Chilled Spiced Plum Soup.” Click here to sign up. Price is $55.

They’ll also be at the Blackhawk store the next day, 6:30 p.m. May 20, to prepare the same menu. Price is again $55. Click here to sign up for that class.

Since I’m talking about Mark and Bruce, I also wanted to take this chance to — drum roll, please — present my winners of the Sisterhood Award. What’s that you ask? Both Passionate Eater and Oyster Culture were kind enough to single out my Food Gal blog a few weeks ago for one of these honors, which recognizes sisterhood — and brotherhood — in the world of blogging. It gives a much deserved shout-out to those bloggers who have supported other bloggers in what can often be a lonely endeavor — typing day after day at the computer; pouring blood, sweat, and tears into posts; and wondering if anyone out there is even reading any of it at all.

Each award recipient picks another 10 bloggers to bestow the honor upon. With Passionate Eater and Oyster Culture both bequeathing a Sisterhood Award to me, it’s now my turn to pay it forward. Of course, I wasn’t sure if that meant since I’d gotten two awards that I should now pick 20 winners. Would that be piggish of me? Where’s Price Waterhouse with the official rules when you need them?

So, I decided to stick to the traditional 10 winners. Below are my picks for Sisterhood Awards, in no particular order.

These are folks who have been unbelievably supportive as I embarked on creating Food Gal just a year ago. Of course, there are many more of you I wish I could have given this award to. Some of you with blogs, and some of you who already won a Sisterhood Award (Duo Dishes). And still others who don’t have blogs, yet still comment on mine regularly with passion, humor and soul. Thank you to all of you. Each and every one of you deserves my heartfelt gratitude. As for those of you named in my 10,  it’s your turn to pass the award on now.

* Real Food Has Curves, for those virtual pats on the back that have meant the world to me, and to your mighty fine pork-happy recipes that always leave me salivating.

* House of Annie, for opening up your home to me (and Meat Boy) with fabulous eats, incredible warmth, and laughter that’s never-ending.

* Happy Go Marni, for your hilarious comments that have me falling off my chair and howling till I cry.

* 5 Second Rule, for being in this with me together, right from the start, as each of us launched our blogs at the same time, and found our way in this new cyber world.

* Steamy Kitchen, for reaching out so kindly to offer advice and tips to a stranger on the other side of the country, whom you didn’t even know.

* Cooking with the Single Guy, for commiserating with me on life post-Mercury News, as each of us embarked on a new chapter in our lives.

* Feed Me, for your fountain of support, which I feel ever grateful to have and will never forget.

* No Recipes, for inspiring me with your beautiful food blog photos, and your fond tales of cooking everything from Japanese comfort food to elegant party fare.

* Pages, Pucks and Pantry (otherwise known as Mrs. L), for your cheerful enthusiasm, and for even making it up to San Mateo to take my class at Draeger’s.

* Viet World Kitchen, for your awesome dumplings, can’t-be-beat tutorials on Vietnamese cooking, all the memorable and extremely filling lunches shared on sunny afternoons, and most of all, for your enduring friendship.

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  • Thanks Food Gal for the award! Gosh, I never thought I’d be included in the “sisterhood”!

  • That’d be pretty sweet to take one of their classes. We’ve got to get back to the Bay.

  • I took a class at Draeger’s a while back and enjoyed it. Thanks for the heads up on this one!

  • Carolyn, I’m so honored to be among the 10! I followed your work while you were at the Mercury, and you’ve made MY transition a breeze by creating this wonderful blog. And by MY transition, I mean…let’s not forget how hard it is for the READERS to lose a column they love reading…hehe. Keep up all the spectacular writing and photography. You’ve always held your head high and you spoil us rotten. YOU, my friend, are a class act!

  • As someone who worked at PwC I say you handled the rules interpretation just right! I look forward to checking out your recommendations, Thanks so much for sharing all that you do about food and culture in the Bay Area.

  • Carolyn,

    thank you for the award and the mention! Your blog has certainly grown up and become a class act of its own!

  • Aw, Carolyn, I’m misty-eyed. I owe you a big sloppy plate of fish tacos!

  • That’s sweet of you to give me a tip of the hat. Me and Single Guy are in the Sisterhood! How cool is that?!

  • WOW! Thank you honey! kisses! I want to meet you in person one day…maybe in the Fall when I’m in town for book tour?

  • Jaden: For sure! Would love to meet you when you’re in town.

    Cheryl: I’ll be right over for my tacos. I’ll bring my own bibb, too. 😉

  • First, how I wish I could take this class! Second, congratulations on your award! I can’t wait to explore the blogs with which you’ve shared it.

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