Love the Restaurant and Yoga Studio? Then You’re Sure to Love the New Store

Love Chef Jeremy Fox's cauliflower dish? Soon, you'll be able to buy the cute little pot. (Photo courtesy of Ubuntu)

Obviously, I can only be talking about Ubuntu in Napa, the vegetable-based restaurant (they don’t like to call it vegetarian) attached to a yoga studio that has become the darling of every critic around.

Chef Jeremy Fox’s creative, masterful way with veggies has left diners utterly swooning, even devoted carnivores.

In June, you can bring a little taste of Ubuntu home when Ubuntu Annex opens next door to the restaurant and studio in the historical Main Street Building.

Chef Jeremy Fox (Photo courtesy of Ubuntu)

Shop for the same Steelite and Le Creuset dishware used in the restaurant, as well as specialty items, including the darling cast-iron cocottes used for serving Fox’s famous “Cauliflower in Cast Iron Pot.”  Also for sale will be a selection of spices, garden seeds, Rancho Gordo beans, Ridgecut Gristmills grits, and Fox’s signature “Lavender Almonds.”

The store, 1130 Main St., also will feature a wine-tasting bar with local organic, biodynamic, and sustainably-made wines. Among the wineries featured will be Lion’s Run biodynamic winery, which sources its grapes from the Ubuntu garden.

Yoga enthusiasts also will find exclusive lines of comfy, stylish exercise wear.

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  • Sounds like it will be a neat store – I would love a restaurant and yoga and shopping all in the same place.

  • Hey Food Gal, did you ever drag Meat Boy to try the vegetable foods at Ubuntu? I’m glad to see Fox branching out his brand because I think he’s got a good thing going there. I want those little cast-iron cocottes! they are cute!

  • Check out the menu?! Who woulda thought of fava leaves on strawberry pizza margherita? (Not I.) And pairing FORONO beets w/ avocado (“fork-crushed” or otherwise) is a stroke of genius. But, sorry, once I’m in there, it’s “Fill up the tank w/ the chickpea fries!”)

  • My car’s got a full tank. Pick you up at noon?

  • I would probably eat just about anything prepared in those cocottes! Ubuntu sounds like a marvelous place – another destination added to the ever-growing list.

  • Cheryl: You’re on! I’ll bring snacks for the car ride up, too. 😉
    Single Guy: You guessed it — Ubuntu is a rather hard sell for Meat Boy. I still haven’t been there, just for that reason. Though, he says he might be able to go for lunch, if I promise him a steak for dinner. Hah!

  • Ubuntu has so much great buzz that I am looking forward to the trek – having seen the menu I want to devour everything. however, I also feel compelled to check out the yoga and do not like the thought of really stretched out yoga pants. Definitely not a good look for me.

  • omg, amazing! one again, your blog has me considering packing up my bags and moving to the west coast. haha

  • OK, enough beating around the bush. I’m sure the question on everyone’s minds (and being to self-conscious to ask) — What the H**L are “Lavender Almonds”? Thank you.

  • Smarty pants: Since I haven’t had the pleasure of dining at Ubuntu, I can only hazard a guess. I’m thinking they are almonds toasted with salt that has been seasoned with culinary lavender.

  • I think Fox should send you some lavender almonds so you can surrogate test-taste them for us! All those in favor, raise your hand!!

  • I keep hearing such good things about Ubuntu. I wish I could visit soon!

  • Hi Food Gal! I have always wanted to try Ubuntu! I keep hearing about it from everyone and it sounds like such a great time!!

  • At this rate, we should just charter a bus to take us all up there for a meal!

  • I am down for a bus… also want to know what those almonds taste like!

  • That’s a great idea…the foodgal Napa gastro party tour bus! Charter a bus, hit some wineries, go to Ubuntu for lunch, hit some more wineries and finish off with dinner at Cole’s Chop House for all of us Meat Boys! Ok, I’d be willing to settle for sister restaurant Celadon too.

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