Duckathlon Leftovers

Following the trail of the ducks.....

For those who couldn’t get enough of the wild and woolly Duckathlon held last Sunday in New York, here are a few more pics to entertain your peepers.

As you recall from my original post on the crazy event, this was the fifth annual Duckathlon, hosted once again by D’Artagnan. Teams of chefs from some of New York’s most celebrated restaurants competed in the most off-the-wall events ever conceived to garner the title of Top Duck.

The Pluckemin Inn’s sardonic T-shirts:

The BLT Steak team attempts to “Put the Piggie Together Again.”

Team DB Bistro Moderne competes in “What the Fork?” — in which chefs have to make mayonnaise by whipping oil and egg yolks with a barbecue fork. Yeah, you try that at home.

Members of Craft in “Just Beclaws” — in which they are timed in how long it takes to shell a lobster.

Roger Mah, chef tournant (the guy who can run any station in the kitchen) of restaurant Daniel, gets a mouthful of macarons. In this timed challenge, “It’s a Mad Mac World,” teams have to assemble French macarons, which are then fed to a teammate who must eat the dainty cookie sandwiches without using his/her hands.

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Date: Friday, 8. May 2009 15:10
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  1. 1

    Missed this post the first time…this is crazy! What the Fork? would be the most fun to do because it is so ridiculous. :)

  2. 2

    It looks like fun. I especially like the PeTA sign…

  3. 3

    It looks like a crazy time, was anyone able to make the mayo?

  4. 4

    The Peta sign is great and looked like it would of been wonderful to be there.

  5. 5

    Yup, the team pictured above did make a very decent version of mayonnaise. They got to trade off members for the whisking, as you can imagine trying to whisk with a two-pronged bbq fork would be quite strenuous.

  6. 6

    That looks like a ton of fun!

  7. 7

    “…teams have to assemble French macarons,”

    While wearing those boxing gloves, perhaps?

    Oh my!

    When I was very young there was a TV show on which people had to compete in similarly-silly contests. The only one I remember (every single time I change the bed, no less!) was four women wearing boxing gloves competing to see how many pillow cases they could put on over-size pillows.

    Laughter is definitely a good thing :-)

  8. 8

    this just cracked me up! I had to LOL at the PETA sign. everything is just so ridiculous that I can imagine what a laugh and what fun it will be!

  9. 9

    As I would happily and easily INHALE macarons, I would win that contest, no-hands down!

  10. 10

    I so need that Peta t-shirt. They could make serious bucks selling those!

  11. 11

    […] more photos, go to my “Duckathlon Leftovers” post. Share and […]

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