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Ferran Adria’s New Beer

Bearing black glass and a simple, lone gold star at the bottom of it, a sample bottle of the much-buzzed-about Estrella Damm Inedit landed on my doorstep last week.

It’s the new beer by none other than Chef Ferran Adria of Spain’s esteemed El Bulli. Yes, the pioneer of molecular gastronomy, the chef who dares to go where no chef has gone before, has turned his wildly creative talents to crafting his own brewski.

The beer is a collaboration between Adria; El Bulli’s sommeliers; and Estrella Damm, Barcelona’s leading brewer. Adria says it’s meant specifically to enjoy with food.

Of course, Adria’s beer is unlike any other. Forget toting a six-pack. This elegant beer comes in a wine-like bottle with a cap that’s easily removed with your standard bottle opener. With its 750 ml bottle, Inedit is meant for sharing. It’s also meant to be served chilled, in a white wine glass.

It has a nice creamy head, and a golden, slightly amber color.

After one sip of the light-bodied, light-flavored beer, my husband declared that he could slam down a few glasses easily. (Full disclosure: Yes, he belonged to a college fraternity. ‘Nough said.)

To me, it had a hoppy taste, but surprisingly, little of the bitterness associated with beer. Instead, there were notes of honeysuckle and autumn baking spices. It’s quite refreshing and easy to quaff. We enjoyed it with Chinese food, which it went with very well.

Inedit is available at BevMo for $10 a bottle.

It’s one affordable way to get a taste of Adria’s talents, especially if you’ve yet to be lucky enough to score a coveted table at his highly touted restaurant. (Yes, that’s present company included.)

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