Feverish About Fever-Tree’s New Ginger Beer

The taste of hot-sweet fresh ginger in a bubbly beverage.

That’s what I am about this most gingery new bubbly beverage.

It’s made by Fever-Tree, the British maker of premium mixers that are used in libations at renowned El Bulli in Spain and the Fat Duck in the United Kingdom.

The company’s philosophy is simple: Why use sub-par mixers with premium spirits?

So Fever-Tree set out to create artisan ones using all natural ingredients.

Joining its line of Tonic Water, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale, Lemonade, and Soda Water is the new Ginger Beer.

You know you’re holding the real deal when you see the cloudy liquid in the bottle with bits of golden ginger floating at the bottom. Fever-Tree’s Ginger Beer is apparently made with two types of ginger — fresh, citrusy green ginger from Ecuador and hot, earthy Nigerian ginger.

It’s got a whopper of a ginger taste, too — just sweet enough with a purity of flavor, and a warm, refreshing, throaty burn.

It’s supposed to be perfect in a classic Dark & Stormy or Moscow Mule. But I love it all on its own, all the better to appreciate the fine ginger taste.

A four-pack is about $5. Each 200ml bottle has 44 calories.

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  • You are killing me with all the ginger posts. I love ginger. Ginger snaps, ginger altoids, ginger beer. . . Is this easy to get in the Bay Area?

  • Tricia, you obviously have good taste. You sound like you’re as much of a ginger addict as I am. And that’s saying something! Yes, BevMo carries the Ginger Beer, so you should be able to find it easily. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Gonna git me some Ginger Beer, Ginger Beer; gonna git me some Ginger Beer — so early in the mornin’! Will get an extra six-pack or two for a fave relative of mine: Auntie Mae’s 93, lives energetically by herself in San Mateo, loves ginger but fades quickly in hot weather — and today is forecasted to be hot! Great timing for posting Fever-Tree’s new product, Carolyn — thanks!

  • Ohhh, NEW product Fever Tree Ginger Beer! I’m so gonna to get some. I have tried their other stuff & liked them. Thanks for the post!

  • I’ve never tried ginger beer, but your description makes me want to try it out! The bottle looks nice too, and only 44 calories? Nice!

  • I’ll have to look for this! I love ginger beer. I know I can count on you, Food Gal, to keep me posted on all things ginger… 🙂

  • Hi, Carolyn,
    Could you do me a favor and look on the bottle and see if it notes that it’s gluten-free?
    I love ginger, but most ginger ales have gluten, so I can’t have ’em. This sounds great, and I would love to try it–if it’s safe.
    If the ingredients list includes wheat, barley, malt or maltodextrin, they would be no-nos, too.
    Thanks very much!

  • This would be nice to cook with…some sort of bread or cake. Nice!

  • Judith: I think you’re OK with this product. According to the label on the bottle, it contains spring water, ginger extract, cane sugar, natural flavour, and ascorbic acid.

    Duo Dishes: You know what I’ve always wanted to try experimenting with? Beer can chicken, but using ginger beer instead. Since ginger beer most often comes in a bottle, though, I’m thinking I’d have to empty out a regular beer can, then fill it with the ginger beer to make the dish. I’m curious about whether the ginger beer flavor will actually be noticeable after the chicken cooks.

  • I have to find this! I got hooked on ginger beer (and dark and stormys) while I was in Bermuda last week!

  • woah… that sounds tasty. The design of the bottle is simple but effective. Hmmm… I should drink it with sushi, huh 😉

  • ginger beer! That is awesome! I thought those stuff only existed in Harry Potter 😉

  • Judith Neuman Beck

    Thank you for the ingredient list. I think ginger beer can chicken sounds wondrous.

  • As a brit your side of the pond I get fed up with drinks that call themselves Ginger Beer that have water as the number 1 ingredient and are neither brewed nor fermented as befits the beer descriptor. The fever tree may be the best of the ersatz brigade – but pales in comparison to a proper one like Fentiman’s or Crabbies (there’s is actually 4% ABV) Still ……. each to their own! Cheers! Celli 57

  • I’m with you, Celli57! Fentimans Ginger Beer is the ONLY one for me. It’s all a matter of taste. Milton

  • I haven’t tried Fever Tree, but I love Fentimans ginger beer – a serious ginger kick in every sip! Must be the difference from brewing/fermenting. I’ve seen it at Andronico’s, Lunardi’s, Beltramo’s etc. in the Bay Area. And yes, you have to “up-end before pouring” in order to mix in the ginger bits from the bottom…

  • Oh YUM! I love ginger and I always have a difficult time finding bottled beverages without a bunch of junk on the ingredient list. This is perfect!

  • The best fiery and delicious ginger beer I have tasted, is from a company called Kimbeau, their products are only available on the web or at the farmer’s market.

  • I had this ginger beer for the 1st time today. It is wonderful! I really enjoyed the real ginger flavor and it is not covered up by corn syrup. Delicious!

  • Why will the company not tell you how much ginger is in their drink. The others do. One has 19 mg and one has 26. Fever Tree does not tell you?? Somethings wrong.

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