A new way to enjoy sparkling water.

Then R.W. Knudsen has a new product that will definitely leave you feeling quenched.

Its new Sparkling Essence is fizzy, carbonated water that comes flavored with either organic lemon, organic mint, organic cucumber, or organic blueberry.

Moreover, the flavored waters have no calories, no fat, no carbs, no sugar, and no sugar substitutes. They’re also made with all natural ingredients.

I’ll drink to that!

They beverages are made by brewing the organic ingredients in fresh spring water. The fruit or herb is then extracted, leaving only the flavor behind, without the sugar or calories.

Think sparkling water, but with a subtle, yet fresh, added taste. The blueberry one, which sounded a little odd at first, actually tastes as if you had plopped a few fresh berries into a glass of Pellegrino.

They’re all quite refreshing. My favorite just might be the cucumber because sipping it makes me imagine that I’m lounging around at a spa.

The Sparkling Essence waters are sold in slender 10.5-ounce cans that come in a 4-pack for about $4. Find them at stores near you.

Blueberry sounds a little strange, but it actually tastes great.

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