Holiday Cookies to Bake

Bring it on -- "Feisty Ginger Cookies.''

Still hunting for the perfect cookie to make all your friends and family members thoroughly worship the ground you walk on and the kitchen you bake in?

Look no further than today’s issue of East Bay Express, where you’ll find my story on holiday cookies.

I sweet-talked three well-known East Bay bakers into parting with their favorite holiday cookie recipes.

Learn how to make “Chocolate Peppermint Pinwheels” from Oakland’s Montclair Baking; “Feisty Ginger Cookies” from Teacake Bake Shop of Emeryville, Lafayette and Corte Madera; and gluten-free ”Viennese Crescents” from Mariposa bakery in Oakland.

For good measure, I also included my own favorite Christmas cookie — “Italian Macaroons.”

My favorite chewy-licious "Italian Macaroons.''

I bake those chewy, almond-studded wonders every winter because folks clamor so much for them. You also can find the recipe on my post from last year.

Now, there’s no excuse. Time’s a wasting, so get baking.

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