Sweet Treats at the St. Regis

Traditional Alsacian holiday cakes at Vitrine. (Photo courtesy of Marc Fiorito)

For Chef Romuald Feger of Vitrine, the restaurant inside the glam St. Regis San Francisco, winter is an especially sweet time of year.

As a child growing up in the Alsace region of France, he fondly remembers his Grandmother Alice lovingly baking more than 20 different kinds of bredele.

These holiday biscuits or small cakes are a staple there. And his prolific Grandmother would turn out upwards of 50 pounds of these treasured baked goods, most of which found their way into the lucky hands of friends and family.

Feger is keeping that tradition alive by baking his own bredele now in three varieties:

* Anisbredele (flour, sugar, eggs and green aniseeds)

* Cocosbredele (flour, sugar, egg and dried coconut)

* Basler Leckerli (This one is originally from Switzerland. Feger is serving a variant with flour, honey candied orange and lemon peel, almonds, sugar, ground cloves, and cinnamon.)

Take a taste this season at Vitrine, where the traditional biscuits will be served complimentary at the end of each meal. They’ll be available through winter.

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