Food Gal Gets A New Look

Food Gal gets a little more glam looking.

Oh, it’s nothing radical. Not like a mohawk or a nose job.

It’s just a little touch-up to give a brighter, cleaner and more contemporary look.

Think of it as a lively, new lipstick color that I just had to have.

That’s what I gave my blog.

In this spiffier design, you’ll still find everything you’ve come to enjoy about Food Gal. A few things may have changed positions on the homepage, but they’re still there and easy to find.

You’ll also find a new function to make printing out your favorite recipes more efficient. Whenever you click on the full post, you will see a link at the end of it to “Print This Post.”

Additionally, you may notice a few more mentions here and there of San Francisco hotels on the blog. That’s because Food Gal has partnered with the hotel review site, Oyster. In this partnership,  one or two of my San Francisco-related posts a week will be syndicated on its Oyster Locals blog, and will include information about nearby hotels, though not necessarily my own personal endorsements of them, unless I’ve actually stayed there and enjoyed them, of course.

As always, I aim to tell it like it is in the world of food. Whether I splurge on a fancy dinner on my own dime, receive a free product sample in the mail or get invited to try a chef’s new creations gratis, I will remain transparent and tell you honestly whether it’s worth the calories, should be avoided at all costs or so intriguing you just have to try it.

Hope you enjoy the new, improved Food Gal!

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