Rad Tortilla Chips

Chocolate tortilla chips. Yes, you read that correctly.

I wasn’t quite sure what to think when a big sample box of newfangled tortilla chips landed in my mailbox with the jarring flavors of sweet potato, olive, chocolate, and cinnamon.

In tortilla chips?!

That’s right. They’re tortilla chips, but also kind of cracker-like and even dessert-like with the sweeter flavors.

They’re made by the Massachusetts company, Food Should Taste Good. Gotta love the name, right?

What’s more, the crispy chips are gluten-free and cholesterol-free. They’re baked in the oven, then lightly cooked in sunflower oil.

One ounce (about 12 chips) has 140 calories, about 7 grams of fat (depending upon the flavor),  and about 3 grams of dietary fiber (again, depending upon the flavor). A 6-ounce bag is about $3.49 at BevMo, Whole Foods, Target, Cost Plus, and other retailers.

They’re available in 11 flavors. Surprisingly, my least favorite was “Potato & Chive.” I opened a bag to try with spinach dip, but found the flavor of these rather muddled and not very complimentary to the dip.

The “Multigrain” one, a mix of flax, sunflower, sesame seeds, oat fiber, brown rice, quinoa and soy has a wonderfully complex grain taste and pretty black sesame seeds baked into the chips. They had the taste of stone-ground crackers but the thinness and crunch of a sturdy chip.

Sweet potato tortilla chips.

The “Olive” one had a pleasing briny taste. The “Sweet Potato” one actually tasted of the tubers and was even shaped like elongated sliced ovals of them.

The real revelations were the “Chocolate” and “Cinnamon” ones, which I was all prepared to blanch at. Instead, the chocolate one had the sophisticated and trendy taste of heavenly cocoa with a touch of salt. I couldn’t help but think that melted marshmallows (a la s’mores) would be fab on top of these. Serving suggestions on the back of the bag also recommended vanilla ice cream with these, which I could definitely go for.

The cinnamon ones tasted of cinnamon toast but again with just a sprinkle of salt to make it all the more interesting. Serving suggestions include hazelnut spread, fig jam and apple sauce. Who would have thought!

The next time you’re breaking out snacks to watch the bowl game or to entertain friends, tear open a bag of Food Should Taste Good chips to make the gathering even more lively.

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