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Global Knife Give-Away — Yeah, That’s What I’m Talkin’ About

There are moments in cooking that are truly life-changing.

My first time using a really sharp, really well-made knife was such an instance.

I had grown up using my parents’ mishmash of knives that were piled in a kitchen drawer and sharpened only in a blue moon.

In my 20s, though, I purchased my first high-end carbon steel chef’s knife on sale at a department store. I brought it home, unwrapped it from its box, and set a yellow onion on a cutting board to give it a try.

With my first slice through the onion, I nearly shrieked. The knife glided through the dense layers of  the hard onion as easily as a puck whooshes around an air hockey table. I cut another slice, and nearly yelped again. What a joy this was! To be able to cut such thin slivers or chop so evenly — all completely effortlessly — was truly a revelation.

A good knife is absolutely one of the best investments any cook can make.

Of course, it’s not always easy to shell out that kind of money, especially in these challenging times. That’s why I’m thrilled to be able to give one lucky Food Gal reader a “Global 7-inch Oriental Chef’s Knife.” Global knives are beloved by serious cooks worldwide for their sharp, precise, thin blades. These elegant Japanese knives sell for a pretty penny, too.

I have the folks at CSN stores to thank for allowing me to give away such a coveted prize. CSN has more than 200 online stores that sell everything from cookware to yoga accessories to bamboo flooring to barstools.

Contest: The contest is open to anyone in North America. Deadline to enter is the close of Feb. 27. The winner of the Global knife will be announced March 1.

How do you enter? It’s simple as this:

Describe something that’s sharp.

And describe something that’s dull.

The most creative or memorable response to both those questions will win the Global knife.

To get you started, here are my responses:

Sharp: The outrageous wit of Chris Rock that makes my jaw drop. The extraordinary food writing of Michael Ruhlman that makes me sigh with both envy and admiration. And the little black dress in my closet that I have to be at my skinniest to shimmy into, and the fierce black patent heels that go with it.

Dull: Cooking shows that are about everything except cooking. Foie gras haters who’ve never even tried the stuff and still gorge on factory-raised beef, pork and chicken without a care. People who can’t take their eyes off their Blackberry at the dinner table. (Sorry, but only doctors on-call should get a pass on this one.)

Now, it’s your turn….

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