Godiva’s Cup of Joe and Winners of the Food Gal Contest

You can nibble a chocolate truffle with your coffee. Or you can sip a cup of Joe that tastes like a heavenly chocolate truffle.

You can now that Godiva Chocolatier has introduced a line of coffees inspired by their chocolate bonbons.

The flavored coffees come ground in these varieties: French Vanilla, Hazelnut Creme, Chocolate Truffle, and Caramel. Available at Safeway, SaveMart, Lucky and Raley’s, a 12-ounce bag is $8.99.

I had a chance to try samples of the Chocolate Truffle and Hazelnut Creme. I’m not always a fan of flavored coffees because some of them taste so artificial or overpowering.

The Godiva ones, though, were quite balanced. You could still taste the roasty, smooth Arabica beans that had just a twinge of that wonderful coffee bitterness even with the added chocolate or hazelnut flavorings. Indeed, the Chocolate Truffle coffee flavor is like a coffee candy that has a little rounded chocolate flavor added, as opposed to a full-on chocolate bonbon with a tiny espresso bean on top. As much of a chocoholic as I am, I think I liked the hazelnut one even more because of its nutty, almost creamy nature.

The steamy aromas are so seductive, too.

And now, for the winners of the “Spread It On” contest:

I say “winners” because I decided not only to award a grand prize of three Laxmi’s Delights flaxseed spreads, but two runners-up awards who will each receive a cookbook from my collection.

This contest asked you to “spread the word” about one to three things about yourself that you are proud of.

Unlike other contests in the past, this one didn’t attract quite as many entries, possibly because we still are so reluctant to boast about ourselves in public even if egged on to do so. To the brave few who did enter, I thank you for your inspiring and touching responses. You absolutely deserve to be proud about each and every one of your achievements.

Here are the winners:

First runner-up: Mardi, who wrote, “1. I moved to Paris at the age of 24 on my own. No friends, no job, no course enrolled on and no place to live. I stayed 6 years and climbed to the top of my career ladder there. Proud of that.

2. I am currently undertaking my (6 year, part-time) PhD as well as working full time and working my way through a Food and the Media Certificate. I am nothing, if not busy! As I am about to turn 40 this year, I think it’s quite the accomplishment to be starting new things..

3. After having really gotten into yoga in the past 4 years, I am really starting to learn to ‘let go’ of the little things and try to look at the big picture. Not easy, getting there!”

Second runner-up: Lisa, who wrote, “1) give people the benefit of doubt. For instance, if another driver cuts my husband off in traffic, I make excuses for that driver. ‘Maybe they have children in the backseat who are distracting her/him!’ I suggest.

2) No matter what life throws my way (and my life wasn’t always easy, for instance my father left us when I was

was 13), I vow not to become bitter and hardened to life.

3) I’m very sensitive and empathetic. I’m usually the first to notice when someone is upset or needs help.”

Grand prize winner: Tana Butler, who wrote, “1) Though I applied for a food-related fellowship which I did not win, the application process validated that my collective experiences and talents (photography, writing, graphic design) are worth at least one college degree, if not a Masters as well. I overcame 30 years of self-recrimination for not having finished college at Prestigious University. I am at peace with myself about something that was once a horrible scar.

2) My passion and skill for networking (good people with other good people, good things, etc.) is a constant gift that supports my community, especially as it centers around sustainable food systems.

3) The commitment to raising our grandson has deprived us financially in the extreme, but the rewards are infinite…from his lilting voice to his velcro-hugs, to the praise we get from everyone in the family services system here in Santa Cruz county. We have not only saved a life, we have planted love in a superstar who clearly gives it back to his own friends and family on a daily basis. (Secret side effect? I’m younger than I was five years ago!)”

To claim your prize: Send an email to me (you can use the link on the right-hand rail of the homepage) with the words “Spread It On Contest Winner” in the guide. Include your full name and mailing address.

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