Pie for Pi Day

Don’t forget to reset your clocks tomorrow for springing ahead with Daylight Saving Time.

And absolutely, positively, do not forget your pie, either.

That’s because Sunday is also National Pi Day. Yes, a day to celebrate the number which is “a mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter in Euclidean space; this is the same value as the ratio of a circle’s area to the square of its radius.” Or so defines Wikipedia. Frankly, it’s been so long since my days of high school geometry that this is enough to make my head spin.

I’d much rather remember that pi equals 3.14. Or March 14 — get it?

Morton’s the Steakhouse wants to put you in the pi mode with, well, pie, of course. And Key Lime, to be exact.

Sunday, at any of its locations, including San Jose and San Francisco, Morton’s will be slices of its Key Lime pie for $3.14 each.

Normally, the slices go for about $10.50 each.  That’s a savings of….well, you can do the math.

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  • Now I want some pie! 🙂

  • A slice of pie for $10.50? OK, that’s crazy! Right? There are so many things to remember for tomorrow…pie, pi, dst. Fun weekend. 🙂

  • There’s a pi contest I’m entering with a quarter-sheet five-berry pie topped with a crust of the first 100 digits of pi. Techno-Hubby is memorizing them, so I thought I’d test him with the pi pie. I’ll send you a photo if you’re interested. Happy Pi Day!

  • That’s such a fabulous piece of pie. Thanks for reminding to reset my time tomorrow 😀

  • YUM. This pie looks absolutely perfect. I love your photos.

  • Curious. I have never herd of Pi Day. I like the idea of Pie Day though. This looks picture-perfect!

  • Unplanned Cooking

    I’m not big on pie but could go for a Morton’s steak right now.

  • Claudette: You must show us a photo of that pie you’re doing for the pi contest. My gawd, it’s topped with the first 100 digits of pi?!? You’re lucky your hubby has a photographic memory.

    Duo Dishes: I hear ya on that. I admit that when I first saw the original price of the Key Lime pie slice, I did a double-take. Surely, that can’t be for one piece, I thought. But sure enough, it is. Knowing Morton’s, though, I’m sure it’s a rather enormous slice.

  • That’s a riot!! Love it and thanks for the reminder..

  • The placement of the zest on the whipped cream is absolutely perfect. What a gorgeous photo!

    I have been planning to make a pie for tomorrow, but somehow I haven’t gotten around to it 🙂

  • Well, this pie looks inviting, that pi sounds scaring. I’m writing this already on my 3.14. Have a nice day!

  • Carolyn – TechnoHubby doesn’t have a photographic memory, which is why I’ve been his guinea pig for the past few weeks while he recites to me. Yawn…
    Here’s the link to my pie – those darn 100 little numbers took forever to make:

  • Pi day! What a lovely occasion 🙂

  • Claudette: Just clicked on your link to check out your pi pie. Awesome! Did you actually make each and every number, too??? My gawd! Hats off to you for such a clever pie that really embodies the spirit of Pi Day!

  • Yummy pie! Happy pi day!

  • Key lime is my favorite pie! When i was a kid I figured I’d have a key lime wedding pie, but when that didn’t work out in real life, we had it for the rehearsal dinner.

  • Andrea: I adore that idea of a key lime wedding pie. How sweet that would have been! Glad you got to enoy it for the rehearsal dinner, though.

  • Now, that slice of pie looks so tasty,…yumm,…

  • let’s just think hard about how ridiculous a 10.00 slice of key lime pie really is??? About as nonsensical as a 1000.00 fine for using salt. Even in boom times, that is price gouging of the highest degree. Key Lime a favorite of mine, when it’s done right..no green food coloring or gelatin…i enjoy it with a baked meringue on top, like i had it the first time in 1970 at the Barcelona Hotel in Miami Beach (long long gone…)

  • Ahaha that’s awesome. There’s a National Pi Day!!!
    I was just at Morton’s in Singapore actually but we didn’t even consider our dessert options. Molton chocolate cake or bust =)

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