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A Spacy Time with Fruit and Wine

A visit to the Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland is a guaranteed trippy time with its always interesting starry exhibits.

But on the evening of Sunday, April 11, things get even more spacy when the Smithsonian affiliate teams with my buddy, winemaker Elaine Villamin of Eden Canyon Vineyards for a “miracle fruit” and wine party.

If you haven’t heard of miracle fruit, it’s a West African berry that has the wondrous ability to alter your taste buds so that sour and spicy foods can taste as sweet as candy. It’s become a hit at cocktail parties, where folks will gather to experience the legal, temporary effects of the berry while eating different foods. Scientists also are exploring positive medicinal uses for the berry.

At the Chabot event, you’ll get to explore the science of flavor, yourself, with miracle fruit as you taste a variety of foods and sip wines from Eden Canyon Vineyards, the first Filipino-American estate winery in the country. Enjoy an evening of star-gazing, too, with Chabot astronomers, weather permitting.

Tickets are $30.

Read about my first-hand experience with miracle fruit here.

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