A Temptress Named Miette

I can’t resist a wonderful French macaron.

Nor a fabulous cupcake, salted caramels, gingersnap cookies or imported European chocolates.

That’s why I have no will-power whenever I step inside one of San Francisco’s most delightful candy shops, Miette, a short drive from the Holiday Inn Civic Center.

The three-year-old candy shop, sister to the Miette bake shop in San Francisco’s bustling Ferry Building, is filled with all of that, plus everything else a sweet tooth could want.

Done up in girly pastel colors, the shop, whose name means “little crumb” in French, features a small assortment of signature baked goods at the counter, including chocolate vanilla cupcakes ($3.25), chocolate cakes with Italian meringue ($24), and chocolate sables topped with sea salt ($5 for a small bag).

The rest of the store is devoted to candy of every sort imaginable — jars of imported licorices, nougats, flower-petal lollipops, malt balls, chocolates, and my downfall — gummi cola bottles as big as my palm.

For a real treat, try the cotton candy that’s made to order in such inventive flavors as lemon verbena.

Miette will bring out the kid in anyone.

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  • Greetings from Tokyo! Miette… so lovely!! The shop wasn’t there yet when I visited SF around 2005. Can’t miss it next time 🙂

  • Oh I’ve got to visit this place next time I go to SF! Everything sounds delicious and I can never resist macarons!

  • Oh wow, what a beautiful shop. I would waste some serious money here!

  • What a cute shop! I’d love to visit both Miette’s.

  • What a lovely shop! I have only been to the sister shop in the Ferry building but I will have to check this place out! Yum on the cotton candy!

  • I’ve also only ever been to the Ferry Building outpost but this one looks adorable.

  • just awesome, I am wishing one day I get to have a sweet shop like this one, awesome and so gorgeously beautiful!

  • I love Miette, especially this outpost. Big time.

  • Oh I love this place! It is beyond adorable and I cannot resist their macarons and little scones.

  • We received samples of Miette macarons and cookies last November, and they were beyond good. Gone in seconds!

  • Thanks so much, Jocelyn, & everyone! We’re honored by your kind words- please come see us again soon!

  • Carolyn, You need to show the fabulous pictures…somehow having my raspberry shake doesn’t do it for me. I’m lucky that I live in Northern WI the only candy here other than in grocery stores or discount is in a coffee shop downtown. I’m really craving chocolate of any kind right now…but I’m staying out of my kitchen or I’d have to bake something.

    You will love this one.
    I made your Roasted Banana Muffins this morning (which I’ve made many times)…evidently I didn’t mash the bananas enough after roasting them. My daughter heats one up and cuts into it, and asks her fiance,”What is this? After looking at it he says, “Banana” Marie then says, “Great now I have banana snot.” She cracked me up when she told me this tonight after dinner.

    I hope that you’ve had a great day.
    Lynn Sulackow

  • Lemon verbena cotton candy? Be still my beating heart. Me thinks my credit card would get a thorough workout here! 😛

  • i love me some cotton candy, but it never occurred to me that flavors could be added–what a treat! 🙂
    on a somber note, i still haven’t eaten my first macaron.

  • This sounds like my kind of sweets shop. How did I miss this place the last time I was there?

  • I love the Miette’s in the Ferry Building and will have to give this one a try especially after reading lemon verbena cotton candy – now I am so curious!

  • This shop is so beautiful and it has everything i would love in there – pastels and sweets! 😀

  • What a beautiful & georgous sweet shop!! ooy yes!!!

    Everything looks so tasty & so colourful too!

  • I LOVE gummi cola bottles!! Miette looks so adorable, definitely putting it on my SF list for the macarons, cotton candy, and the malt balls. Oh man, I need some sugar right now…

  • Have you tried Pamplemousse in downtown Redwood City? I actually like their macarons better than Miette’s.

  • Nice shop! They really have a lot to offer and I can’t wait to grab those candies. Thanks for sharing.

  • Larry: Have not tried Pamplemousse. Better macarons than Miette’s? Ooooh! Might have to make a special trip just to try those then. Thanks for the tip!

  • Is it embarrassing that I knew you were talking about Miette as soon as I saw the picture? I totally recognized those macarons… it is by far my favorite candy store in San Francisco!

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