The Newest in Wine Pairings — Lady Gaga Donuts and Cupcakes

You’ve had cheese with your wine. You’ve had chocolate with your wine.

But you’ve probably never had the likes of a Lady Gaga donut with a Petite Syrah.

This Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Aug. 28, you can enjoy that unusual pairing that sounds as out there as one of Gaga’s outfits.

Poetic Cellars of Soquel is hosting this creative food-wine pairing. Psycho Donuts of Campbell is supplying all the donuts that day, including the pop star-inspired iced cake ones topped with fresh blueberries.

The winery is offering up even more donut-wine combos with the likes of “Apricotology fritters” with Chardonnay and Viognier; an Oreo cookie-like cake donut matched with Syrah; and S’Mores cake donuts with Poetic Cellars’ Bourdeaux blend, Ballad.

Price for the wine-donut pairing is $10 per person.

Not to be outdone, San Francisco’s Press Club, now offers a complimentary wine-cupcake pairing for guests who book a birthday party at the locale on Friday or Saturday evenings.

The SweetieCups mini cupcakes are especially made to go with wines. Pairings include “La Vie En Brie,” a pear walnut cake with brie cream frosting to go with Mount Eden Estate Chardonnay; and “Moonlight by the Sea,” a chocolate cake dolloped with rich almond chocolate frosting and a touch of sea salt to pair with Fritz Reserve Cabarnet Sauvignon.

The free round of cupcakes is available when booking in advance.

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  • Love it! I am sure the cupcake phase is nearly over, and I have yet to ever go to a cupcake shop and buy any, but there is supposedly a lot of cupcake shops now in Paris so I might look for this in the fall!

  • Lady gaga Doughnuts!! Hilarious and innovative!

  • Huh, I thought donuts might be overkill with wine but I guess not!

  • Lady gaga donuts? LOVE it!

  • Psycho Donuts are great: innovative, delicious, and not nearly as sweet as they look. Second only to Stan’s glazed. Thanks for the tip!

  • Wine and cupcake pairing sounds fun and festive, but wine and donut pairing is just fantastic. I’d love an apricotology fritter with a glass of viognier!

  • I have heard a lot about Psycho Donuts. You are adding more and more to my to-do, to-eat list 🙂

  • Wow, the donut’s picture is stunning! I feel this donut is for real in front of me and ready to be bitten.

  • Haha that’s a great idea! I wonder whether they will sell well based on the pop star?

  • I LOVE the looks of that donut! Wine pairings with cupcakes and donuts (especially Lady Gaga donuts!) sounds like so much fun!

  • lady gaga donuts!!! there is always something new out there. but they do look nice

  • How fun is that??!!
    Really a cute idea. And I love the sound of La Vie En Brie with the chardonnay.

  • What!?!? Psycho Donuts only offered these Lady Gaga donuts last week! Why, with all the publicity on this idea, would a business choose not to offer at least another week? I live in SF, finally made it down to the South Bay today…took a 10 minute detour from my destination just for them. I thought this idea was so worth the cholesterol & calories (probably more than what I burned off at the gym this morning). And I have never paid $3+ for a donut before, but was willing to do so because I was really impressed with the idea. (Yes, it seems some Psycho Donuts can cost that much for just one donut…which begs the question: is it the donut that’s psycho or the people buying them?)
    Disappointed doesn’t even come close to how I feel when I was already mentally prepared to take on the calories and already adjusted the rest of my day’s calorie intake to accomodate for these. ;-(

  • I LOVE Psycho Donuts!
    They routinely make me laugh with their creations, most notably their “blue balls” last valentines day (donut holes coated in blue sugar filled with custard), hilarious.

  • I’ve been curious about Psycho Donuts! Wine & donuts sounds like an unusual, but fun and delicious pairing…

  • That is really a beautiful donut, probably worth every calorie. And it really does look like Lady Gaga, though I wonder how she’d feel about that. LOL.

  • Wonder if Lady Gaga knows she’s been immortalized in pastry…?

  • very innovative and rather refreshing read. Far from the usual read of pairing food and wine I come across.

  • What an incredible combo. Lady Gaga has done it all by age 25. To have a doughnut named after you has to be the height of success, well at least for this food lover.

  • I *had* wondered how a Lady Gaga doughnut would work, as most doughnuts don’t wear pants anyway – but this looks great, and so tasty. And their website has so many other fabulous things as well – had to check it out after reading this…

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