Rumba Ice Creams Cause a Delicious Rumble

Laly Protzel may have spent a decade as an interior architecture designer.

But one taste of her new Rumba Desserts makes you realize this is one woman who knows and loves fine ice creams.

What really sets Protzel’s ice creams apart is that they are made with natural fruits grown exclusively in her native Peru.

I had a chance to try a few samples recently of her preservative-free, egg-free, all natural ice creams, which are made in Sunnyvale and are available at Whole Foods, Draeger’s, Zanotto’s and Sigona’s Market. A pint sells for about $7.99.

The Maracuya (yellow passion fruit)  tastes like a tropical island. It’s a nice blend of sweet-tart.

The Banana Cinnamon tastes like bananas flambé with a nice dose of warm cinnamon.

My favorite, though, has to be the Lucuma, made with the subtropical fruit with the unusual, dry flesh and memorable taste of maple and caramel. Dig a spoon in and you think you’re eating dulce de leche.

A half cup of each has 190 calories. But it’s fruit, so it’s good for you, right? I’ll keep telling myself that as I help myself to another scoop.

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Date: Thursday, 16. September 2010 5:25
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  1. 1

    BEAUTIFUL packaging and intriguing flavors!

  2. 2

    I would love to taste the Lukuma ice cream!

  3. 3

    A great product!



  4. 4

    Lucuma is the king of ice cream flavors, at least in Peru. Here, the fruit mostly comes in the form of a circus-peanut-colored powder, but frozen lucuma is finally becoming available – this sounds like a must-try.

  5. 5

    lucuma sounds divine. i wish brands would add more cinnamon (and other spices) to their flavors.

  6. 6

    OK, now I have to go try the Lacuma ice cream. That sounds awesome! I wouldn’t turn up my nose at the Banana Flambe’ either. YUM!

  7. 7

    No ingredients list on website. Does not bode well. And they don’t use eggs. French custard based ice cream > Philly style almost every day.

  8. 8

    Sounds delicious! And, yes, it’s fruit, so it’s good for you! ;) Oh, and you can always run a bit longer… :)

  9. 9

    I would LOVE a scoop of the banana cinnamon! I agree, fruit is healthy so it might be good for you. ;)

  10. 10

    They sound interesting and the packaging looks gorgeous. I will admit I am always a sucker for that.

  11. 11

    I love ice cream and trying out new ones. Do you know if it is only carried in Whole Foods in the Bay, or if it is also in S.Cal? I guess if it isn’t I’ll have to wait for a trip to my parents to taste this.

  12. 12

    How fun to see it packaged in the US! I hope I can find it at Whole Foods in San Diego. Our dinner group had a Peruvian dinner party last year, and our Peruvian member brought a powdered Lucuma from Peru & made ice cream with it… which we had w/ my homemade alfajores. It was very good, but I can just imagine how the real deal would taste!

  13. 13

    What heavenly concoctions Carolyn! I could really just pick up a spoon and take a spoonful of that right now! The Lucuma sounds ambrosial! :D

  14. 14

    yum i love the sound of bananan cinnamon,

  15. 15

    Carolyn, Thanks for the fantastic pictures & blog on Rumba Desserts. I enjoy and feel connected with the followers comments “Thank you”. I wanted to add that we ship within USA, our locations are listed in our website and all our ice creams sport a discount coupon from Real California Milk. Keep in touch with us on facebook:

  16. 16

    Love it!!! I’ve try the lucuma ice cream, what I like the most is that it’s NOT so sweet that makes me feel guilty when I crave for more…

  17. 17

    MMMMMMM,..That ice cream looks so tasty & truly appetizing too!

  18. 18

    You had me at “banana cinnamon ice-cream”.

  19. 19

    Just read an article about high price, gourmet ice creams. We are quite spoiled these days! Our parents would never dream of paying that much for ice cream, but we would!

  20. 20

    Wow, I had not heard of this one before, but I;m off to Whole Foods now.

  21. 21

    Oh yum sounding. I’ll have to pick some up this weekend and Zanottos!

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