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FoodGal’s $100 Gift Card Giveaway and Winner of the Asian Cookbook/App

That smear of yellow makes me happy.

You see, I’m a bonafide condiment gal. Be it mustard, ketchup, pickle relish, chutney, jam or barbecue sauce — I love them all.

I pile ’em on high, so much so that my husband grows rather alarmed at times. But truth be told, I’d often rather have a bun loaded with just condiments than the actual dog or burger inside.

Is that wrong?

I don’t think so. Not when they add such zest and zip to life.

They’re my guilty pleasure — tasty dollops of this, that and the other that I secretly can’t get enough of.

Now, tell me what foodstuff is your guilty habit. Best answer will win a $100 gift card for any CSN online store. Use it toward spicing up your kitchen or adding some modern decor to other rooms in your house.

Contest: Open only to those in the continental United States and Canada. Deadline to enter is midnight PST Jan. 29. Winner will be announced on Jan. 31.

Winner of the Asian Cookbook/App: In last week’s Food Gal contest, I asked you to tell me the your favorite Asian ingredient, as well as the one you could easily live without, and why.

The winner will receive a snazzy new “Asian Ingredients 101” iPhone app, as well as a copy of “The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook” (Sasquatch), both by Pat Tanumihardja.

Without further adieu, the grand prize winner is:

Dina @ The Dish & The Dirt, who wrote, “Love that this is coming out having had many a spellbinding moment at Ranch 99 and New May Wah on Clement! Can’t live without item? It’s not original, but it’s a necessary item — soy sauce. We use it as an alternative to salt, to deepen flavors of our stews, to compel my kids to eat food (the food being the vehicle to eat the soy sauce, really), and I even remembering as a kid just mixing soy sauce with a hard boiled egg for my jook or mixing it with mayo for a quick artichoke dip.

Live without item? Fish balls. Just can’t do it. There is something so not aesthetically-pleasing about the look or touch of them — those pale, springy, frozen-what-is-this-made-of-it’s-like-all-that’s-bad-about-hot-dogs-with-none-of-the-good-tasting-pork ‘things.’ Watching my husband eat them by the bowlful seriously has made me question whether we are (culinary) compatible.”

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