Cute Cakes

Cute little cakes.

They’re not exactly cupcakes. Nor are they petits fours.

They’re Cute Cakes, and, well, they are quite cute.

These two-bite cakes from Alameda’s Donsuemor bakery, known for their wonderful madeleines.

The cakes come in two varieties: chocolate cakes dipped in white chocolate coating and vanilla cakes dipped in chocolate coating.

I had a chance to try samples of both recently.

Both are moist and tender, with a pretty, decorative cap of hardened, sweet frosting.

They’d be great to have with tea or coffee or to tuck inside a brown-bag lunch.

A box of 20 is $17 to $20.

I wouldn’t say they top Donsuemor’s stellar madeleines, but they sure are adorable.

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