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Cool New Water Bottle and Food Gal Giveaway

Camelbak, maker of those nifty water packs for biking and hiking, wants you to get into the Groove.

A new portable filtration water bottle to be exact.

The Camelbak Groove is a reusable water bottle that comes with its own carbon filter built into the drinking straw. Fill the bottle with tap water, and as you sip, the water is filtered before it hits your mouth.The straw has a bite valve — the same one apparently used by NASA astronauts in space — that locks into place when not in use, so you don’t have to worry about spills or leaks.

It’s great to stash in your car or to keep at your desk. Or tote one in your purse or briefcase. No more spending money on disposable water bottles or worrying about recycling them.

The 20-ounce bottle is made of BPA-free plastic and comes in four colors. It sells for $25. Replacement carbon filters (each of which should last for up to 60 gallons) cost $10 for a two-pack.

The Grooves are available online at the Camelbak Web site or at stores such as Target.

Contest: I’m happy to be able to give away one Camelback Groove to each of five lucky Food Gal readers. Entries, limited to those in the continental United States, will be accepted through midnight PST May 14. Winners will be announced May 16.

How to win?

Just tell me what favorite beverage you wish you could have by your side all the time — and why. Best five responses win.

Here’s my own answer to that question:

“Champagne. OK, I know if this were truly possible, I’d be buzzed all the time and that wouldn’t be so good. But how can you not love a beverage that is so associated with celebrations and happy times? Having it by my side all the time would no doubt insure that life would be nothing but smiles and laughter from here to eternity.”

Winners of the Previous Contest: In last week’s Food Gal contest, I asked you to tell me which anniversary (of any kind) that was particularly memorable or that you most look forward to. Five winners will each receive both a one-pound bag of Peet’s Coffee Anniversary Blend and a tin of Peet’s Anniversary Breakfast Blend tea.

Congrats to the winners:

1) Laurel, who wrote, “Although our wedding anniversary is on Memorial weekend, my husband and I always celebrate the day we met with more romance. We met June 17, 1988 at a concert my husband was producing on the Sacramento River. It took my husband close to an hour to convince me that I could go back stage. Once I agreed to go I ended up hanging out with Dana Carvey while my husband was doing his job. I’ve been having fun ever since.”

2) Kelly, who wrote, “My favorite anniversary is the anniversary of when I adopted my dog. It was a very unusual circumstance as I got the dog from a co-worker. We were traveling for business when he casually mentioned he planned to take his dog to the ‘pound.’ I had not been even thinking about getting a dog, it wasn’t even on my radar. However, when my co-worker mentioned it and proceeded to show me a picture of the pup on his smartphone I knew it was all over. That was 2 years ago and the dog (who I have now named Oliver) and I have been inseparable since. Seeing him in my family it’s hard to imagine he ever lived with another family; he fits so effortlessly and comically with us that it all seems natural.”

3) Arlene, who wrote, “The anniversary I look forward to the most is my work anniversary in Oct 26, 2011 when I will have 5 yrs with the company. I want to be vested ASAP, but with all the layoffs I hope to still be employed. Wish Oct 26 was here tomorrow!”

4) Judy, who wrote, “We celebrated out 25th wedding anniversary last September with an 80’s themed party to reminisce that fun and oddball era when we got hitched. All are friends came dressed in costume, we played games, had 80’s karaoke and my son gave the most amazing toast from his observations of our marriage and as parents. It was awesome!”

5) AMG, who wrote, “My husband probably won’t like it that I’m not going to go with our wedding anniversary . . . . But my most memorable anniversary has been the 5th anniversary of my father’s kidney transplant, which was this past February. My dad suffered from debilitating, diabetic-related kidney disease for many years, and eventually needed a transplant. My mother’s best friend (in a really beautiful display of selflessness, I think) was the first to come forward and offer to donate. And lo and behold, she was a match! Five years later, it is so wonderful to see my dad in such great health; he is like a different person since his operation. And the bond between him and my mom’s friend is really amazing to see.”

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