Spice Blends to Spice Things Up

Grilled chicken coated in the Babblin' Babs "Greek" herb blend.

That’s exactly what Chef William Mueller of Babblin’ Babs Bistro in Tacoma, WA wants to help you do.

Owner of a five-year-old restaurant named for his late-Mom, Mueller just launched a line of all-natural, salt-free, sugar-free, MSG-free, gluten-free spice blends to give your everyday cooking an easy punch of flavor.

His six blends include: “Everyday,” “Greek,” “Lonestar,” “New Orleans,” “Thai” and “West Indies.”

Recently, he sent me a sampler of each to try.

Samples of the six herb blends.

The “Greek” was fabulous to coat chicken thighs in no time at all to go on the grill. Its savory blend of oregano, garlic, lemon peel and orange peel added a nice Mediterranean flair to the crisp chicken skin.

The “New Orleans,” with its garlic, onion, white pepper and cayenne, can pack a punch if you use a lot of it. I can’t wait to try the “West Indies,” with its ginger, allspice and curry, mixed with a dab of vanilla extract for a marinade for chicken, as Mueller suggested.

The blends are available in jars for $12.95 each.

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