Who Put Coffee and Chocolate In My Tequila?

Not your usual chocolates -- but cocoa tequila.

Someone very, very smart, that’s who.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Patrón Spirits has introduced a new tequila sure to make anyone swoon.

Patrón XO Cafe Dark Cocoa is Patrón Silver tequila combined with coffee from Vercruz and Chiapas, and chocolate from criollo cocoa beans, the rarest and most expensive grown.

The result is a 60-proof tequila that’s the color of hot fudge sauce.

I had a chance to try samples recently, packaged ever so cleverly in tiny bottles stuffed inside a big red heart-shaped box. Dry rather than sweet, it tastes of just-brewed coffee combined with melted dark chocolate. It’s quite smooth, with just a hint of alcohol burn at the very end.

Enjoy it straight -- chilled or over ice, if you like.

It would be great shaken up in a cocktail, poured over ice cream or stirred into an after-dinner coffee topped with whipped cream.

Or for those who dare — just drink it over ice to really appreciate all its nuances.

A 750ml bottle is $24.99.

Another Fun Valentine’s Day Beverage: Reginato Winery’s Sparkling Rosé of Malbec

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