Scrumptious Snapshots from New York, Part II

What you get when you cross a croissant with a pretzel.

NEW YORK, NY — Yesterday, you got a glimpse of my savory adventures. Now, get a taste of the sweet side:

City Bakery

City Bakery has really fun, original baked goods, including a fabulous pretzel croissant. Yes, a flaky, slightly denser version of the traditional French pastry, only here it’s coated in seeds and a sprinkling of salt just like a pretzel. It’s addicting.

The buttery, pull-apart "baker's muffin.''

So is the “baker’s muffin,” a sort of monkey-bread in muffin form that’s showered in powdered sugar. It’s buttery and tastes like a cinnamon candied apple.

Levain Bakery

We bought three cookies (chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chocolate chip, and dark chocolate peanut butter chip) at Levain Bakery and boy, did our arms get a workout as we carried them around.

That’s because each of these cookies weighs in at 6 ounces. Monster in size, they almost resemble major muffin tops.

I dare anyone to eat an entire cookie in one sitting.

Big Gay Ice Cream

Sure, you’ve seen the Big Gay Ice Cream truck rolling through many a Food Network show.

But there’s also a storefront now, too, in the East Village.

Expect a line no matter when you go.

Not just a truck anymore, but a storefront, too.

Vanilla soft serve sprinkled with sea salt, rolled in pretzels and dunked in chocolate

It does lives up to the hype. I had the “American Globs” — a Marge Simpson-like swirl of vanilla soft serve sprinkled with sea salt, rolled in crushed pretzels, then dipped in a bath of chocolate. Creamy, crunchy, sweet and salty, it’s a meal unto itself.

Il Laboratorio del Gelato

Don’t miss the gelato offerings at the acclaimed Il Laboratorio del Gelato, founded by Jon Snyder, who also started the Ciao Bella Gelato Company before selling it in in 1989.

Hand-made in small batches, the gelatos here come in such unusual flavors as butternut squash, Guinness, and wasabi.

An herbal duo of basil and rosemary gelatos.

I couldn’t resist trying the rosemary and the basil ice creams. Smooth as can be, they were infused with the vivacious flavors of the herbs. While rosemary can be a strong herb to work with, this gelato had the perfect balance.

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  • Oh wow, this post is better than yesterday’s! Love seeing all the sweet treats in the big city. The pretzel croissant sounds amazing, and I’m curious what the wasabi gelato tastes like? Did you get to try? Now this is the way to taste New York!

  • I wonder how the wasabi ice cream would be like…very mild with a slight kick?

  • Didn’t try the wasabi one. Next time for sure! I figured if I could only have one, go big with the American Globs. 😉

  • “a Marge Simpson-like swirl”

    Such an excellently-descriptive turn of words, Carolyn!

    And bless you for metabolizing all those scrumptious calories on our behalf — every one of them looks incredible!

  • Again, totally saving!

  • Carolyn,
    I love your photos of my favorite foods…especially the ice cream, your description makes it possible to almost taste the American globs. I love different flavors of ice cream and gelato. Thank you for taking out those calories for us. Every photo looks absolutely delectable.

  • Carroll: The great thing about NY is that you walk SO much that you can eat like crazy and not really gain weight. I know, it’s the perfect diet — go to NY, eat everything you desire, then walk until your feet are killing you. LOL

  • Dear Carolyn,

    That American Globs look like it packs quite a few calories. Even the ice-cream needs a bit of a rest being horizontal! 🙂

  • Waw, waw, waw: all of these fine & alternative foods look so tasty & I have never seen foods like these before! I laughed a lot while reading this tasty post! 😉

  • that baker’s muffin is a hideous monstrosity and i want one now.

  • I was just talking about Big Gay Ice Cream Shop the other day. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m longing to! Did you get a chance to go to Baked?

  • Ph my gosh – I need to go just to replicate everything you photographed here, it all looks amazing.

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