The Taste of an Italian Specialty — In A Clif Bar

The new Clif Bar has the taste of a famous Italian confection.

Clif Bar, everyone’s favorite on-the-go, organic, energy recharger, turns 20 this year.

To celebrate that momentous anniversary, the Emeryville company has created a new, limited-edition bar: Gary’s Panforte.

Yes, it’s inspired by the the famous Italian confection of fruits and nuts. Company Founder Gary Erickson decided to create this version in honor of his early cycling adventures over Northern Italy’s Passo di Gavia.

The chewy bar is loaded with organic rolled oats, figs, date paste, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts pears, currants, crystallized ginger, and dried lemon and orange peels. It also has the warm spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, cloves and white pepper.

Good-for-you bars.

If you’re making a face and thinking this sounds too much like fruit cake, you’d be wrong. It’s not gummy in texture nor laden with neon-green candied cherries.

One bar has 260 calories, and sells for about $1.39 in grocery and natural foods stores.

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  • I love this idea.

    Wouldn’t it be cool to see bars go a step further, into more flavor realms, using herbs and items from outside the usual Willy Wonka cranberry almond coconut nuts and seeds ingredient list? Chipotle lime, thyme infused, maybe not even sweet? Mmmm, seared ahi energy bar. (Kidding on the one).

  • Moe: Clif Bar should hire you as a product development guru. I love the idea of those out-of-the-box flavors.

  • Clif Bar always have been inventive with flavors. My favorite bars for awhile was the carrot cake! This sounds similar but with a whole lot more packed inside.

  • I haven’t had these bars in eons! I would be interested in trying this new flavor out though.

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