Beefy Burgers and A Food Gal Giveaway

Juicy grilled burgers made from Piedmontese beef.

Nothing says summer backyard gatherings like a great grilled burger.

These are particularly flavorful, made from the Piedmontese breed of cattle, which originated in the foothills of Italy.

Raised on ranges, where they grow up eating grass and are finished on grains, these cows produce meat that is less marbled, and therefore lower in saturated fat and cholesterol. Because of their genetic makeup, the meat doesn’t have the usual stringy fibers of regular beef, making it naturally tender.

Recently, I had a chance to try samples of these burgers from Montana’s Ranch Brand Natural Meats, which contain no antibiotics or growth hormones. The sizable 8-ounce patties are dense, almost just shy of sausage-like in texture. They are very beefy tasty and despite being on the leaner side are quite juicy.

A package of 12 Piedmontese Steak Burgers is $38.54. They are shipped on ice packs to their destination.

They’re just one of many items available via FromtheFarm, a California company that bills itself as an online farmers market. It partners with growers and producers around the country to ship produce, meat, flowers, baked goods and jams directly from the farm to your house.

Through Aug. 27, Food Gal readers can get 10 percent off the purchase of Piedmontese beef. Just use the code: FOODGAL.

Contest: One lucky Food Gal reader will win a dozen Piedmontese burgers, courtesy of FromtheFarm. Entries, limited to those in the continental United States, will be accepted through midnight PST Aug. 18. Winner will be announced Aug. 20.

How to win?

You already know these cows spend a lot of time on grass. So, tell me about a memorable time you associate with grass or something grassy in nature. And when I say “grass,” I don’t mean the illegal stuff, if you get my drift. Best answer wins the burgers.

Here’s my own response:

“Decades ago, I remember dining at a global tapas-like restaurant in my neighborhood. After ordering a variety of dishes, I mulled over the wine list, wondering what glass to order that would pair decently with everything. The server came to my rescue, recommending I try one of her favorites: Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc. Up until that time, the white wine varietal I was most familiar with was California Chardonnay. So, this New Zealand wine definitely intrigued me, and not only because it was so moderate in price, but because it sported a screw-top, too, which was still unusual at that time. It was love at one sip. Bright with tropical fruits and a pronounced grassy note I’d never experienced before, the Sauvignon Blanc ignited my palate. I’ve had a love affair with grassy Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand ever since.”

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  • Scrumptious looking! That meat sounds interesting (please don’t count me in)…



  • Both of my dogs (past and present) like to graze in the grass like cows. My first dog, Kiwi (a Shetland Sheepdog), would run around my expansive backyard and stop to chew on the grass occasionally. My current dog, Chooey (a mutt from a shelter) does the same thing. The vet told me that dogs eat grass because it settles their stomachs – who knew? Grass is like probiotics for dogs, apparently. Every time I see Chooey run around and frolic in the backyard, happily rolling around and chewing on some grass, it brings back memories of Kiwi as well, from years ago (may she rest in peace). Grass will always bring about fond memories of these special, furry little family members.

  • When I was a kid, we used to live in an old quasi-Victorian quadplex with grey stone pillars supporting the wooden frame. Our family lived on the bottom units and we rented out the top two units. There were two 20×20 square patches of grass in the front yard divided by the concrete walkway. Our next door neighbors had a chain link fences around their lawn and property, but our front yard was open to the world.

    My always had many chores, but every few Saturday afternoons were usually reserved mowing the lawn. It was usually a family team effort with my older siblings. Usually, my brother and a sister or two would tackle the task with me. My brother was on the mower and my sisters on the shrubs and the edges. Since I was the youngest, I was the designated sweeper and bagger.

    As we all worked through our chores with the hum of the power mower burring, my sisters pruning pretty flowers curt and cutting ugly weeds with the sweet smell of fresh cut green grass circling in the air, hearty food and soup aromas would often linger from that old house. Mom always had something special on those Saturday afternoons. Was it roast chicken, roast duck or roast beef today? Maybe pork and mushroom stuffed bell peppers or BBQ ribs?

    The smell of fresh cut grass always brings me back to those days.

  • I bet meat boy was happy 😉

  • Those burgers look scrumptious. I’ll sit this contest out, since I was sooo darn lucky to win the wonderful Greek cookbook. Good luck everyone.

  • Memorable time associate with grass? I have numerous ever since I signed up my 4 year old son in a soccer class last year. For as low as $40 a month (for my son to join the soccer practice), I get a pair of very grassy pants and tennis shoes in return every week! I swear, the water in the washer turned green whenever I wash those pants! hahahaah….Good thing is, I know my boy is serious about soccer and not afraid to get down and dirty (he’s a clean freak, by the way)! 😉

  • Being Canadian, I’m not eligible to win. But good luck to the others!

  • When I was very young, I spent my summer holiday at, what I fondly referred to as “The best camp EVER!”. My parents would send me to this camp because they knew I loved it so much. The grounds had beautiful expansive grassy fields where my camp friends and I would run around, and sometimes lay sprawled out, staring skyward, watching the clouds pass by and seeing who could find the most shapes in the sky. Those are some of my most fond memories!

  • this Italian thinks the piedmontese burger looks yummy!

  • As a child I would lay all day in the tall grass reading my books. The smell and sound of the rustling grass is one summer memory I will never forget.

  • When my son was a little guy, we would visit my family here in Ohio. At the time, we were living in Hawaii. My son hated the feeling of grass, so I admit that my mother and I took advantage of that fact (occasionally, mind you) right before dinner. We would put him on a blanket in the back yard with some toys, and we would enjoy a cocktail and conversation while he was “trapped!”. He would try to crawl off the blanket, but the second he felt the grass would get right back on it, making the funniest faces and noises. He would try again and again – touching the grass with his hands, his feet, etc. We never left him there long, but did get to enjoy a few minutes without chasing! I am proud to report he is well-adjusted, successful young man, and knows this story well!

  • I remember laying in the tall grass as a kid and making grass angels in the grass like you do snow angels in the winter. I always loved the smell of grass and i had a blade of grass in my mouth all the time. My mother use to tell me it would make me sick if i didn’t stop. Well i am still here and still stick a blade in my mouth occasionally.

  • My parents still live by themselves in the house where I grew up so I am reminded of this story each time I return to southern Vermont to visit them. My dad is 94 and never lets me forget his walk with me on the grass around that house nearly 60 years ago. I was a toddler and he carried me around the yard to show me the areas where it was safe for me to play as there was no fence. He walked all around the perimeter of the house and pointed out each area where I could play. When we finished our rounds, to be sure I understood the limits he had painstakingly set out for me he asked, “Now tell Daddy where you can play.” Without hesitation I answered, “Up and down the wallpaper!” I got a little spanking that day but I really did know what part of the grass in our yard was okay to play on and I always loved playing outside as a kid. Thanks for bringing up those memories.

  • This was in the mid 70’s and my Dad just bought a fix me upper with an acre an a half of land. Most of it was just woods, so we started clearing out all the dead trees and brush and laying whatever grass seed my Dad would have on hand, which was several different varieties. When we finish, my Dad had the most beautiful and colorful yard. The different varieties of grasses made the yard even more beautiful and soft, oh my how soft his yard was to walk on in your bare feet. It was so thick and not a weed in site. He would even cut his grass every other day faithfully, I would tease him and say your going to need a new lawnmower soon, again! I would walk back to the end where it was a hill and a stream and sit with my dog Henry. This is what I think of when I smell the grass.My Dad has pass away since then and his property was sold to an industrial park,and now the grass is gone as well.

  • We were camping in the mountains with good friends, an elderly couple. We were sitting around enjoying the scenery and admiring the tall grass blowing in the breeze, when our friend Floyd said “they sure need to mow the grass and trim the trees”. We all laughed and told him “its a forest campground”.

  • When I lived in Turkey during the mid seventies, it was really boring when I was not working. During the lulls in my work, I would walk the area which was on top of a peninsula overlooking the Black Sea and stretch out in the untouched grass that was mowed twice each month. During one time each year just before the really cold weather set in, a certain type of mini fowl would migrate south over the Black Sea each year non-stop and the first place they would land was in our compound as it was the first land they would see. Well, by the time they landed, they were exhausted and would not move from their perch, whether is was the chain-linked fence or the ground for at least one and sometimes two days., So, when it was time for that walk and stretch on the grass, I would have to move them out of my way to make room for myself and I would be literally surrounded by all the little quails from Russia. It was a sight not easily forgotten.

  • When our Son was 3 we got 4 baby ducks. Every Sunday we would all get in the car and go to Grandmas. The ducks would follow him wherever he went. They all loved to run in the soft green grass. They didn’t mind the car ride either!

  • Growing up we would visit my Aunt and Uncle on their farm in Kentucky. They had a large herd of milk cows and it was so much fun to sit outside and watch them eat the grass and then chew and chew and chew it! They made it look so delicious!!

  • Well not to much to say in regards to grass, I do know that not only do cows love grazing on it, My dogs billi and riley love to eat grass when they are outside playing. So I guess if the dogs like it and the cows love to graze it it must be wonderful stuff, and I would really like to win the burgers that have come from the cows that have been grazing on grass so that I might be able to compare the difference in the taste, texture and the grilling of those scrumptious looking burgers in the pictures. I guess for not having a lot to say I sure said alot. Thank You

  • Grass fed is good.

  • When I was little I used to lay in the grass and stare up at the clouds looking for animals or whatever I could see in them. Now I get to do it all over again. My son and I spend time laying out in the grass staring up at the clouds quite often,

  • I was about 12 years old & it was Easter break. One sunny day I went across the street (now it’s all built up) with a good book & laid down on the grass next to a creek. I enjoyed the book, cloud-watched, and smelled the fresh spring grass. When I went back to school, everyone thought I had gone south – I had a beautiful suntan!

  • Mine is a yearly memory — since I have allergies, my experiences with grass tend to be more negative in nature. But even though I get to know Benedryl on a more personal level at these times, there is little to compare to the smell of freshly mowed grass.

  • As a child the large expanse of a neighbors backyard and the rolling hills of a nearby park always brought delight to my heart. It would seem like miles of endless opportunities out in the lust grass fields. With my siblings one moment we would be professional soccer players, the next farmers in the Midwest, it allowed us kids to be kids and to let our imagination run wild. I miss such freedom and joy from the simple things, and hope one day my children can enjoy the great outdoors instead of the clicking of the mouse in-front of the computer.

  • I remember sneeking in a fenced in grassy field,with friends, only to find out it enclosed a large bull. We quickly ran out but had a wonderful time laughing our heads off on the protected side of the fence.

  • My mom is gone now but my most fond memory of her is when she would mow the front lawn and I would follow her every step so I could smell the fresh cut grass. To this day, 50 yrs later, I close my eyes and smell the fresh cut grass and the most wonderful memories flood through me. It can calm and relax me no matter what else is going on in my life at that moment 🙂

  • The smell of the fresh cut grass after my Grandpa finished mowing. He had a push mower and while he mowed my Grandmother and I would spend the afternoon in the kitchen with the back door and windows open, I fondly remember the fresh cut grass smell and the smells of her cooking great food.

  • Lived in Nebraska as a kid. We had bluegrass in the yards. Soft, lovely smelling stuff. I’d lie on my back looking at the sky and pulling up the occasional blade to chew. Ahhhhh.

  • Where’s the BEEF??

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