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Beefy Burgers and A Food Gal Giveaway

Nothing says summer backyard gatherings like a great grilled burger.

These are particularly flavorful, made from the Piedmontese breed of cattle, which originated in the foothills of Italy.

Raised on ranges, where they grow up eating grass and are finished on grains, these cows produce meat that is less marbled, and therefore lower in saturated fat and cholesterol. Because of their genetic makeup, the meat doesn’t have the usual stringy fibers of regular beef, making it naturally tender.

Recently, I had a chance to try samples of these burgers from Montana’s Ranch Brand Natural Meats, which contain no antibiotics or growth hormones. The sizable 8-ounce patties are dense, almost just shy of sausage-like in texture. They are very beefy tasty and despite being on the leaner side are quite juicy.

A package of 12 Piedmontese Steak Burgers is $38.54. They are shipped on ice packs to their destination.

They’re just one of many items available via FromtheFarm, a California company that bills itself as an online farmers market. It partners with growers and producers around the country to ship produce, meat, flowers, baked goods and jams directly from the farm to your house.

Through Aug. 27, Food Gal readers can get 10 percent off the purchase of Piedmontese beef. Just use the code: FOODGAL.

Contest: One lucky Food Gal reader will win a dozen Piedmontese burgers, courtesy of FromtheFarm. Entries, limited to those in the continental United States, will be accepted through midnight PST Aug. 18. Winner will be announced Aug. 20.

How to win?

You already know these cows spend a lot of time on grass. So, tell me about a memorable time you associate with grass or something grassy in nature. And when I say “grass,” I don’t mean the illegal stuff, if you get my drift. Best answer wins the burgers.

Here’s my own response:

“Decades ago, I remember dining at a global tapas-like restaurant in my neighborhood. After ordering a variety of dishes, I mulled over the wine list, wondering what glass to order that would pair decently with everything. The server came to my rescue, recommending I try one of her favorites: Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc. Up until that time, the white wine varietal I was most familiar with was California Chardonnay. So, this New Zealand wine definitely intrigued me, and not only because it was so moderate in price, but because it sported a screw-top, too, which was still unusual at that time. It was love at one sip. Bright with tropical fruits and a pronounced grassy note I’d never experienced before, the Sauvignon Blanc ignited my palate. I’ve had a love affair with grassy Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand ever since.”

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