Michael Pollan In My Backyard

Michael Pollan -- the tomato.

Yes, Michael Pollan made a splashy appearance in my backyard recently.

Um, that would be my tomato plant named for the respected food activist, author and journalist, not Mr. Pollan in the flesh, himself.

Of my four tomato seedlings planted this year, it was this one that grew most vigorously and produced not only the first tomatoes of the season, but the most fruit so far, too.

Guess it pays to be named after a man who takes food seriously.

The green-yellow tomato is quite distinctive looking as it’s almost heart-shaped. The small plum tomatoes grow in tight clusters, too. And they’re fairly easy to grow, too. Believe me, if someone as gardening-challenged as I can make them flourish, so can you.

As for the taste? The “Michael Pollan” looks like a Green Zebra gone mad. But it’s less tart and more subtle than the latter variety.

Michael Pollan -- the noted author and food activist. Note any resemblance? (Photo courtesy of the author)

I picked up my famous-named seedling earlier this spring at the annual Love Apple Farms tomato plant sale.

Make a note to do the same next year, too. Then, this time summer, you can harvest a bunch and brag that “Michael Pollan” was the star at your weekend lunch.

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