New Columbus Farm to Fork Naturals Salumi

New Columbus Farm to Fork Naturals Uncured Genoa Salame (foreground), Honey Roasted Turkey (center), and Uncured Fennel Salame.

With so much artisan-made, specialty salumi to be found these days, it’s easy to find yourself turning up your nose at the standard selection in the local supermarket.

San Francisco’s Columbus salumeria wants to change that mindset with its new Farm to Fork Naturals.

Founded in 1917, the company has launched a new line of products made with sustainable practices. The animals used are hormone-free. The meats are also nitrate-free, except for those that occur naturally during the curing process.

Recently, I had a chance to try samples of the new products, which are available in Sprouts grocery stores. More supermarkets are expected to carry them soon. They come pre-sliced, so they’re ready to use in a jiffy.

While I find most mass-produced lunch meats to taste overwhelmingly of nothing but salt, these definitely did not.

My favorite was the Uncured Genoa Salame, which had a sweet porkiness to it, as well as hit of garlic and black pepper. The Uncured Fennel Salame had a sweet anise note on the finish.

The line also includes turkey meat that’s already sliced, as well. The Honey Roasted Turkey Breast is sure to please kids and adults alike with its faint honey sweetness. I can just imagine building a sandwich with it, a smear of honey mustard and a few pickles.

The Farm to Fork Naturals turkey (6-ounce package) is $5.99; the salame (4-ounce package) is $4.99.

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