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Willie Bird Brined Turkey & A Fast Food Gal Giveaway

Love the juiciness of a brined turkey for Thanksgiving, but at a loss as to where to store a big bird in gallons of salted water overnight?

Wonder no more.

Sonoma’s Willie Bird has done the work for you. That family farm now offers a free-range turkey that’s already brined in rosemary, thyme, sage, garlic and salt. It is shipped fresh and vacuum sealed.

Exclusive to Williams-Sonoma, the already brined turkey is available in five sizes: from 12-14 pounds on up to 24-26 pounds. Prices range from $90 for the smallest to $175 for the largest.

Normally, I brine the turkey in a cooler on wheels filled with ice water that I park to the side of my kitchen overnight. So, I’m quite intrigued about a turkey that allows me to bypass that step.

Although, I won’t get to try mine until Thanksgiving week, reviews on the William-Sonoma Web site already tout the bird. Of the 45 customer reviews online, the majority rave about the brined bird. A couple folks complained the turkey tasted too much of garlic, another was disappointed not to receive the giblets with the turkey, and a few said the high price was not worth it.

Want to try one for yourself? Here’s your chance…

Contest: One lucky Food Gal reader will win a Willie Bird Fresh Pre-Brined Turkey from Williams-Sonoma. The turkey, 12-14 pounds (serves 9 to 11), is valued at $90.

Entries, limited to those in the continental United States, will be accepted only through 7 p.m. PST Nov. 13. Winner will be announced Nov. 14. This is a quick contest because the turkeys must be ordered by noon PST Nov. 16 in time for Thanksgiving delivery.

How to win?

Just tell me what you most like to “gobble up” on Thanksgiving. Most memorable answer wins the turkey.

Here’s my own response:

“I admit I go to town on seconds or sometimes even thirds on Thanksgiving. But more than the food, what I gobble up is the company. In this harried world, where we’re so used to gulping our food or multi-tasking even while we eat, it’s just so nice to sit down formally with close friends and family to enjoy a leisurely meal that’s been prepared with love, attention and thoughtfulness. Nowadays, I often find that time races by. But on Thanksgiving, I’m thankful that the clock somehow manages to slow down enough so we can all focus solely on laughing, conversing and reminiscing in a home warmed through from hours of delicious cooking.”

Winners of Last Week’s Contest: In the previous Food Gal contest, I asked you tell me what you wish there was a starter kit for in life. Best five entries win a trio of Pacific Organic Soup Starters.

Congrats to:

1) Natalie, who wrote, “I wish there were a starter kit as to how to deal with a quarter life crisis. This sounds a bit odd (and possibly obnoxious to non-quarter life crisis members), as most people would give an arm and a leg to be 25 again, but that awkward, anxious time nestled in between adolescence and adulthood can be pretty darn terrifying. Anxieties range from paying back student loans, finding a job (to pay off student loans), finding your own place, finding yourself, finding a mate, deciding whether to have children, finding the career that suits you the best (monetarily and spiritually fulfilling), and just figuring everything out (vague, but there is no better way to explain it). Though all these things terrify me to the max, at least I am confident in one thing in my 25 years of living– no matter what, just be yourself and engulf yourself in all that you are passionate about. Oh and one other thing, soup is a very, very good thing.”

2) Teresa, who wrote, “I wish there was a starter kit for dealing with the loss of a loved one. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my grandparents. I was blessed to have a grandmother who was a fantastic cook. My sister and I are both excellent cooks and still make some of her favorites (like mac and cheese). I would love to have one more day of cooking with her and my sister, all together. We don’t realize how much they mean to us until they’re gone.”

3) Derrick, who wrote, “I wish there was a starter kit for cultural engagement. One that helps you understand the great melting pot we have in America, and how to eat, interact, and be respectful to each person.”

4) Edwin Chua, who wrote, “I wish there was a starter kit for teaching an elderly person to use technology(i.e., computers, cell phones, tablets, programming DVR, etc…) Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind doing it! I really don’t! But it really can be quite frustrating at times! lol Something as simple as checking a voicemail message or sending a text can be quite the adventure! Computers are the ultimate though! Seriously JAVA, must you have to have an update almost daily? I mean c’mon!(Cause you know my Mom calls me every time to take a look!) To be fair, I must say that after a few times, my parents retain it pretty well and for the most part are self sufficient though—Emphasis on For the most part!”

5) Nancy, who wrote, “How about a starter kit for retirement–Medicare A,B,D, health care options, pensions, annuities, etc. Psychological symptoms of “postworkpartum” depression, anxiety due to reduced income. Ways to keep busy, volunteer work, ways to add a little income. There are a large number of Baby Boomers facing these issues now along with the issue of being in the “Sandwich” generation — taking care of adult children and elderly parents at the same time as we’re starting retirement. It’s a daunting situation in which to be. We could use a starter kit.”

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