Delicious Doings For Chinese New Year

Don't miss the noodle-pulling demonstration by M.Y. China's chef at Bloomingdale's. (Photo courtesy of Blair Heagerty)

M.Y. China Ushers in the Year of the Snake

Martin Yan’s M.Y. China restaurant in the Westfield San Francisco Centre will be offering two special menus, Feb. 1-26, for the Chinese New Year celebration.

The first menu, $88 for two people,  includes: “Juicy Dumplings Sampler”; Peking duck (1/2 duck two ways –“Skin in Sliders” and stir-fried meat in lettuce cups); “Seafood Treasury” (shrimp, scallop, and calamari with mixed greens and mushrooms); “Forbidden Fried Rice”; and sugar puffs.

The second menu, $68 for two people, includes: “Seafood Dim Sum Collection (shiu mai, har gow, spinach dumpling); Peking duck (1/2 duck two ways — “Skin in Sliders” and stir-fried meat in lettuce cups; green pepper beef rib eye; vegetable egg white fried rice; and sugar puffs.

Pair all that with a “Stone Serpent” cocktail ($11), made with that staple of Chinese banquet dinners — Belfast Sparkling Cider.

Soup dumplings at M.Y. China. (Photo by Blair Heagerty)

Yan will be on hand for dinner service on Feb. 12 and Feb. 26 to greet restaurant guests.

Additionally, Yan will host a live noodle-pulling demonstration at Bloomingdale’s in that shopping center, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Feb. 10. M.Y. China’s Executive Chef Tony Wu will demonstrate how he can take a 5-pound ball of dough and pull it into 16,384 noodles in 2 minutes. Get your cameras ready.

Hakkasan Serves Up New Year’s Menu

San Francisco’s Hakkasan will serve up an a la carte Chinese New Year’s menu, Feb. 9-23 (with the exception of Feb. 14).

The dishes, priced from $18 on up, include: a classic dim sum platter, double braised abalone with fish maw, stir-fried quail in Guilin chili sauce, and fried scallops with Chinese chives in a sweet barbecue sauce.

Hakkasan's steamed dim sum platter. (Photo courtesy of the restaurant)

The second-floor restaurant also is a prime spot for watching the annual Chinese New Year parade, which starts at 5:15 p.m. Feb. 23.

Traditional Lion Dance at Ming’s in Palo Alto

Feb. 10 at 11:45 a.m. and 12:45 p.m., enjoy a traditional lion dance performance at Ming’s Chinese Cuisine and Bar in Palo Alto.

The free event will be put on by the Orchard School Asian Cultural Dance Troupe of San Jose, whose dancers will be garbed in festive costumes.

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  • How come no one had snake soup on the menu? You see it a lot in Hong Kong. Or is it bad luck to eat snakes when it’s their year? 😉 LOL, happy new year!

  • both those menus sound so appetizing that i would be confused which one to order from…lol.

    great pics too 🙂

  • I came here previously set on sushi tonight but no no, you’ve persuaded me otherwise…great action shot!!

  • Whoa! I like how CNY is a big thing in San Fran! Would loooove to watch the live demonstration of noodles. and those xiao long baos look amazing.. drooooooool. Lion dance would be so fun!

  • I love Chinese New Year, and love the special menus many restaurants feature during that time. These look terrific. A bit far for me to go, but I can dream, can’t I? 😉 Thanks for this.

  • Watch out! I’ve eaten there and: A) the sugar egg puffs (elsewhere called Chinese doughnuts) were lukewarm (not fresh), deflated, and came by themselves. Later we found out some people get them with three sauces! B) there are many Chinese restaurants in S. F. with better food at a far lower price. C) the hand-pulled noodles are interesting, but most of the noodle dishes on the menu are not made with them.
    Caveat diner.

  • I love the dim sum! Those juicy dumplings look gorgeous.

  • Chuck: Our sugar puffs came with sauces. But we didn’t actually order them. LOL Took them three tries to get our correct dessert order of the Meyer lemon egg custard tart. But it was worth the wait. The tart arrived warm and it was the perfect jiggly consistency with a bright lemon flavor. Would go back just for that again. 😉

  • Chuck: M.Y. China only serves the three sauces with the egg puffs during dinner service. Recently I had lunch with a friend, and talked up the sauces. When our egg puffs arrived, there was no sauces! So I asked a manager about it, and she said that they only serve the sauces at dinner. But they ended up bringing us some sauces since I asked for them. Both times our egg puffs were really yummy.

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