Ham It Up For Easter

A mini bone-in Kurobuta ham from Snake River Farms.

A mini bone-in Kurobuta ham from Snake River Farms.


You’ll definitely want to do that if the ham in question is made from Kurobuta pork, otherwise known as Berkshire.

The heritage breed pig is famed for its marbling, which produces impeccable flavor.

Last week, I had a chance to try a sample of a bone-in “Mini Karver,” a 3-pound Kurobuta ham ($40) from Snake River Farms, the Idaho-based specialty meat company.

The hams come from American Kuobuta pigs raised on small family farms in the Midwest. No sodium or water is added, either.

The ham can be enjoyed cold or warmed up in the oven. Snake River Farms says the mini ham serves 4. But it’s more like 5 servings, plus enough leftovers for a couple of sandwiches or a few ample ham and egg scrambles. Don’t forget to save the ham bone, too, for future soup-making.

The ham is a deep rosy pink and quite succulent. If you have shied away from ham in the past because of how salty it can sometimes be, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the wonderful sweetness this one has.

If you want to indulge for Easter, Snake River Farms is offering a 15 percent discount on its hams. But act quickly, as the offer is good only until noon PST today.


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  • So moist and tasty!



  • I love anything from Snake River Farms. Bring it on! 😀

  • I had heard of Berkshire pork, but was just wondering the other day what it is all about and then BOOM! Your post arrives. Thank you. Glad I’m now more informed. That picture make me drooooool… 🙂

  • I was searching for a fresh Berkshire pork shoulder and came across Snake River Farms but hadn’t heard much about them. I am so happy to have read this post. I’ll order from them soon!

  • I’ve never had ham made from Berkshireb but I bet it was tender and juicy at least that is what it looks to me from the picture. Thanks for the introduction.

  • I rarely eat ham but this looks delicous! I’ll save the link when I feel the urge to order some.

  • Mm I love kurobuta pork! It’s really popular here in restaurants 🙂

  • oh my goodness, I haven’t had a hunk off a whole ham (or a whole ham to myself… ahem) in so long! it looks totally mouthwatering!

  • I’m a fan of Snake River hams – have ordered them twice now. Outstanding flavor. This year we’re having a Berkshire ham, but it’s from a 4H raised pig that we got last summer. There’s something really special about the flavor, and the old-time pinky color of the meat. So much better than the water-brine-injected hams we buy at a grocery store which never seem to measure up.

  • There is a huge difference between mass produced pork and pork raised on small farms. This ham looks like the perfect Easter ham or any time ham for that matter. Need to check out Snake River Farms. Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter weekend!

  • I’m glad most people are using the Western-sensib;e “Berkshire” in referring to these pigs. Mrs Beeton devoted a _whole chapter_ with illustrations on the different breeds of pigs found on Victorian farms, with characterizations of the meat they produced. I get annoyed when I see the new “trends” available when they were there all the time with a little intelligent research.

  • I purchased a kurobuta ham for Christmas dinner. Had 10 people. I ordered and paid for a large half-ham (8 to 10 lb). Snake River Farms sent me a small half-ham (6 to 8 lb). I expect that they don’t think their customers will actually weigh what they send. I called customer service. Their explanation was that the hams are a natural product and may vary +\- half a pound. I asked if they weighed each ham and they said yes. I asked if their scales are only accurate to +\- half a pound. They said they didn’t know. Anyway, they gave me a $20 credit on a future purchase. The ham was good, but I won’t buy from them again. I’ll buy somewhere that I’m confident that I’ll receive what I pay for.

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