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Ham It Up For Easter

A mini bone-in Kurobuta ham from Snake River Farms.


You’ll definitely want to do that if the ham in question is made from Kurobuta pork, otherwise known as Berkshire.

The heritage breed pig is famed for its marbling, which produces impeccable flavor.

Last week, I had a chance to try a sample of a bone-in “Mini Karver,” a 3-pound Kurobuta ham ($40) from Snake River Farms, the Idaho-based specialty meat company.

The hams come from American Kuobuta pigs raised on small family farms in the Midwest. No sodium or water is added, either.

The ham can be enjoyed cold or warmed up in the oven. Snake River Farms says the mini ham serves 4. But it’s more like 5 servings, plus enough leftovers for a couple of sandwiches or a few ample ham and egg scrambles. Don’t forget to save the ham bone, too, for future soup-making.

The ham is a deep rosy pink and quite succulent. If you have shied away from ham in the past because of how salty it can sometimes be, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the wonderful sweetness this one has.

If you want to indulge for Easter, Snake River Farms is offering a 15 percent discount on its hams. But act quickly, as the offer is good only until noon PST today.

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