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DavidsTea Spring Collection and A Food Gal Giveaway

Pom Tango tea by David’s Tea.

With the arrival of spring comes a new collection of teas and infusions from Montreal’s DavidsTea, which is expanding rapidly into the United States.

Last year, it opened its first locale in San Francisco. There are now five in the Bay Area.

What sets the company apart is its inventiveness with blends. Sure, you’ve probably had flowers and fruit mixed in with your tea leaves before. But not quite to this extent. We’re talking big chunks of dried fruit, sizable enough to pick out to eat and enough of it to resemble trail mix.

The Spring Collection ($25) shows just that. The pretty box, of which I recently received a sample, opens to reveal bags of five blends: Pom Tango, Honeydew Mate, Coconut Oolong, Daydreamer (Sencha with mango, mangosteen, marigold and guava), and Copabanana (with almond, cacao, apple, coconut, orange peel, banana, strawberry and vanilla).

The Copabanana infusion.

Unfortunately, there are some artificial flavors added. But if you can forgive them that, you’ll be rewarded with some soothing, surprising sips.

The teas are quite fragrant. The Honeydew Mate reminds me of the smell of those old-school Now and Later candies. The banana in the Copabanana is unmistakable from the first whiff. It does taste a little like an exotic liquid banana bread, too.

My favorite may be the Coconut Oolong. It has the strong, full body you associate with the traditional Chinese tea, but also the sweet, creaminess of coconut. Unlike milk and sugar that dilute the character of the tea, the coconut leaves it be and just rounds it out.

The Spring Collection in its pretty box.

CONTEST: One lucky Food Gal reader will win a free Spring Collection from DavidsTeas. Entries, limited to those in the continental United States and Canada, will be accepted through midnight PST April 13. Winner will be announced April 15.

How to win?

Since you’re a tea fan, tell me your favorite word that starts with “T” — and why you like it. Best answer wins.

Here’s my own answer:

“Tenacious. Just the sound of it is a little fierce, isn’t it? I admire people who don’t give up easily, who strive against all odds to accomplish their dreams and who fight for what they believe in.”

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