Moroccan Made Easy (A Bonus Post For the Week)

Boneless leg of lamb gets the Moroccan treatment.

Boneless leg of lamb gets the Moroccan treatment.

Creating the exotic flavors of Morocco in your own kitchen just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Chef Mourad Lahlou of San Francisco’s Aziza restaurant

His new line of gourmet spices, mixes and sauces for Williams-Sonoma transports you to this faraway land with its heady fragrances and flavors. Recently, I had a chance to try out a sample of his “Mourad’s Moroccan Roasting & Grilling Rub.”

Open the lid to reveal the golden curry-hued powder pungent of turmeric, cumin and ginger. Just smelling it makes you hungry.

My husband, aka Meat Boy, slathered the seasoning blend all over a boneless leg of lamb with a little olive oil before grilling it.

Just get a load of the color.

Just get a load of the color.

The bold seasoning mix may have coated only the exterior of the meat, but it provided ample flavor to really make the lamb something special. With wedges of pita bread and some grilled veggies, it made for a memorable dinner.

The seasoning blend, exclusive to Williams-Sonoma, is $10.50 for a 3-ounce tin.


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